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: 20.03.2023
30 2023


For three and a half years, from May two thousand five to November two thousand eight, I lived with my family in Canada. There I became a different person, much better. I came to Russia, the religious society could not accept me LIKE THIS, improved, perfect, lady...


We have been baptized,

We have been forgiven,

We have been improved,

And still, we are alive.

We carry the body, the soul, the spirit, His

Temple in ourselves...


In Russia, I would not have found such love, because my love was only in my loins.


I got married only because I wanted to have children.


My husband’s heart was closed, in his previous marriage he had suffered heavy mental pains. In marriage, my soul continued to be lonely.


In Canada, my soul became a bride...




I was baptized in 1978, in the chapel on the territory of the Temple, which resembled a bathhouse. I remember dark walls, lighted candles, priests in vestments, I am dressed in underpants, with my arms crossed on my breast. I am shy, I am eight years old, my brother Maximka is three years old.


Then I left the chapel. Heading for the exit from the territory, I looked back: a tall white bell tower and a spire.




As a child, I loved my mother very much. She was a very strong person, but why was she so furious?


Her condition was determined by work, children, life, husband. She came home from work, tired, and found a mess there; the wave of irritation made her furious, and then screams, “war”.


Native mother, without love, war or slave


We are still children of war...


Where to get blissful tranquility, when the heart was brought up on other ideals. “Now, You must”, without asking in such a way that I would like to joyfully fulfill those requests... it is possible only through the love of Jesus.


Their faith is conscience, truth, honor. And as for love, they have been always waiting for it...


They didn’t go to the temple; for them, the temple meant priest, candles, icons, dim light, rite, fear.


And if something was needed in the temple, priests neither welcome them with open arms nor let them come closer once too often. Working class. Baptized? Baptized... Here’s a candle.


The candle was lit in front of the icon. The candle was crying, trembling. The candle was telling a story, it was praying. The faster its flame moved, the stronger the candle was.




By revolution, They built their own, new, world. Who was nothing became everything. They revolved the world. The world got turned upside down,


And they began to build the workers’ and peasants state. They had arranged the Soviet country, the socialist system. But without love, they could not last long. They did not build Temples to the God of their fathers, truth, conscience and honor. The favor of Heaven was required for arranging everything out of love, and not out of duty alone.


For Temples, the Soviet Union was the Enemy, from the 30-s till the present.


They were unloved by the Heaven. They were far away from Him, they did not pray to ANYONE. They left for another country, where the human gut was the source, as well as their willpower, and their desire for good were, where the MAN was the SOURCE, the MAN was the POWER.


The PROLETARIAN was the chief. HE had to learn to pray to Jesus Christ so that his powers would have become limitless, which would have turned into supreme love then, but only the priest prayed. And they knew Vladimir Ilyich alone. He loves and cares about them. He is very clever, knows 3 languages.


Adolf came to occupy the territory. To set his own rules. We don’t know which ones. We chose one of the two evils, the greater one, and flowers for Adolf had never been collect by us.


But Russia has still been suffering from the war. Women in Russia are expendable.


We are in debt to the Motherland. Free medicine. Free education. No one oppresses the working class. Social justice. The people’s power. Democracy is proclaimed. Live and enjoy, but we cant. We were supported with earthly food, without knowing Heavenly meal; food instead of prayer.


We wanted justice, heaven on earth. Women have strong fury, instead of strong love.


But everyone was subscribed to the Pravda newspaper. They knew what was good and what was bad. They saw where “black”, where white, Conscientious.


My father was a Proletarian. The clergy did not even give him the cross, did not touch his Mind. Work, home, demonstration, and he was also tired, and wanted to watch the TV program “Vremya”.


My MOM sewed costumes for me for holidays, wanted me to be the best, and, of course, loved me.


Love: we watched movies, their characters were our ideals.


As a child, I was always in love with someone. With love, it was brighter in my environment, my love helped me live.


Since 1983, I have been gone in for athletics, javelin throwing; I was very strong physically, showed good results.


In 1986, I was taken to a sports boarding school. In the eleventh grade, I got a sports injury, and throwing a javelin became painful.


In 1990, I was operated – “replaced the cruciate and lateral ligaments” of the left knee joint with LAVSAN ones.


In 1996, on December 06, I got married, simply because I wanted to have children.


As I wrote above, my spouse’s Heart was closed. In his previous marriage, he suffered heavy emotional losses, I did not look for his love.


Sinned, repented, the Lord God, accepted His prayer, and came to Him.


But he was not native to his relatives, he was not loved in his family.


Igor suited me because he neither drink nor smoke.


He lived with his parents and with his sister’s family, all 6 people in a two-room apartment.


I lived in a room in the communal apartment.


I was 26, Physical Education teacher.


He is 30, a private entrepreneur, published on the Internet the Classific-Info electronic computer magazine.


Not knowing the love of his heart, my soul continued to be lonely.


I knew that friendship is the main thing for creating a family, I helped to earn money, calculation and interest lived between us. My husband had only such love for me.


In 1997, on August 11, our son Stanislav was born.


In 1998, on December 10, our daughter Yulia was born.


In 2000, we got married in church (because he hated me in his heart), I had no higher education.


My spouse worked as a system administrator.


In October 2001, we organized PetroComplectService, a cartridge refilling company, I am its customer service manager, accountant, refueller – all in one. Then I was loved only with money.


I didn’t know what home meant to Wife. I was out of the home.


I was not a Wife, I loved my Job... refilled cartridges, looked for customers.


The company began to generate income; having two small children was HARD.


In 2004, the son entered the first grade of the German school Peterschule.


On May 4, 2005, we moved to live in Canada.


And on the other side of the Globe, the air is different, the environment is different.


I had to find a job to buy a house or an apartment.


On Sundays, we began to visit the Orthodox Church. The priest suggested that we should get married in church; I was surprised, I said that we had already got married in church.


In 2006, I enrolled in refresher training courses.


I entered the school where they offered the choice of courses in the most required specialties.


I studied to be a Cisco system administrator, heavy workload. Books in English. Information communication appeared; Cisco enters my mind, and so the teacher’s love and interest in the subject do. Lately I told myself that I would never love anything again.


And here it is! His love and interest in the subject are in my heart and to HIM. But oh, these information communication, I passed exams. Good


The love arrow struck my heart very deeply, it was filled only with love.


I even wrote a letter and said, “I Love You”. But he replied that he was sorry, and I hadn’t had to do so, and I went to the Temple.


I was very worried, I had to leave school, I sit at home looking after my children: Stasik went to the second grade, Yulia – to the first one.


After this incident, I always prayed, read the Gospel, fasted, and did physical education. So my love for man passed into Jesus Christ’s dwelling. After praying, it got easier for me.


I have changed, I have become much better: Jesus, the Giver of those who ask, give me a cry for my sins. Jesus, the Finding of those who seek, find my soul. Jesus, the Opener to those who pushes the door, open my cursed heart. Jesus, the Redeemer of sinners, purify my unrighteousness. Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me.


For me, the world turned upside down, I felt to be loved by Heaven, and it was a precious gift for me.


I had to pray, for recalling and feeling, and it was easier for Him to keep me in his dwelling.


What is salt. It's a note. But not only the note. Salt is the cornerstone laid at the base of the corner. To pray, to be salted, to be illuminated, to be preserved. What is salt, is it a note? It’s a note, and even more. This is your prayer.


The year of 2008; I attended Seneca College, studied Photoshop Software Program. I found a job, as a web designer, but it was spiritually hard.


In November 2008, my children and me returned to Russia, then my husband arrived.


In Russia, my husband began to tune in to the former man, there was only work in his heart and nothing else besides it.


I resisted, held the soul to be loved by the Lord.


I wanted my children to be in me, and my love for Christ to continue to live.


In January 2009, we organized the RossBusinessService Company.


In 2011, Sveta divorced her second spouse and ran away to a convent, because during their marriage, the first spouse of her ex-husband died, she loved her spouse, but Sveta was a mistress, he chose her.


We lived apart from his mother’s family and his sisters family; he didnt want us to communicate. I am a reformed, recovered lady, but spiritually not his wife. He ruined both me and our children spiritually, under his sisters family (his sister even worked as a system administrator, like him). It was “the invisible side of the coin”; yes, I didnt like it, but the world took its course, and I filed for divorce. Should love have been there, everything else would have been added, but there was no love of his, he did not need me, he buried me, I was spiritually different, I was not earthly, but heavenly village. At that time I had other business, and I kept myself and my love, which helped me in all good things, but it brought only spiritual money, special physical and spiritual condition. On July 27, 2011, the spouse comes home, – the spirit comes together with him, and begins to put spiritual pressure on my head, invade my spiritual field, attack at me. I begin to pray the spirit departs; when I stop, the spirit attacks, I feel as if my soul were simply removed from my body; I cry, Im scared, I pray. The spouse stands and watches, I want to run out of the apartment, the ex-husband blocks my way, I ask him to move away, but he does not move away. The spirit continues to attack, it hurts, I begin to pray it moves away, and this lasts for two hours. The ex-husband just stands and watches. Then, my Spouse told me to live without him, and independently go through life; the application had to be withdrawn the following day. The crown of the head is stricken.


You can dislike me, but like physical exercises. You see, I didn’t know at all what love was. But the Lord touched my heart, And here was Law or Love, Love or Law.


I worked for a year in School No. 196, instead of a teacher who was on maternity leave.

I saw, what was happening: communicating with me, teachers received from me a new “god”-God, grew much spiritually. Another network, space, dwelling appeared.

The teachers felt they had entered my space, but I gave no sign about it. But they
spiritually tuned against the Orthodox Church, just because


I did not participate in the school community life.

The income is not so high

My husband hates me so much

I live in a kind of two-room khrushchevka

Who am I to get this through me?

They don’t know me well, I didnt participate in community life, its physically and spiritually hard, I earn 13 thousand rubles.

Only the church should have this pie with Jesus Christ’s love.

Yes, I read Orthodox Christian prayers, and this is traditionally our national heritage, no one is forbidden to read them, I visited the temple on Sundays.




In 2014 , I went to my cousin Svetlana Chernyshova married Fokina, in the Pskov region village of Zhabory, she has already lived for 3 years at the Church of the Protection of Our Most Holy Lady, observing the claustral rule, together with a Reverend Mother (The Kingdom of Heaven be upon her!) and two Sisters Nadezhda and


In September 2014, I lived together with them for a month, I wanted to stay with them, being aware of the decision very deeply. The Reverend Mother (The Kingdom of Heaven be upon her!) agreed to accept me into their community, and I even called my family and told them about it.


It was very hard to take this step, but I understood that it would be more difficult to stay in the world, my husband disliked me, and they fired me from my work.


But His Grace did not bless, he said, “Go and raise your children to adulthood”.


I was sent to work at the temple.


I said that the work was low-paid there, and was replied that there was nothing to be done about it.


I agreed. Nobody goes to the temple for looking for money, but for saving their inner state.


I returned to my family, Yulia is 16, Stas is 18.


In October 2014, I went to work as a charwoman at the refectory of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. I cleaned the refectory, and I was paid a little money for my work.


In the morning, the Service, and then I went to work; “Having God in your soul, you can work in any specialty”; I HUMBLED MYSELF.


But for me, my monastic life continued in that way.


Here, I live in the world, observing the claustral rule, going my own way.


I was saving my soul to be loved by the Lord God.


They frightened, because in spirit they began to love me, like Jesus Christ, and hate me, they were envious and malicious.


And the clergy began to judge, not by work to be done, but by pocket.


They started turning my spouse against me, as if I were a bad mother, and earned too little, ruining my Christian Temple. They had their own families.


The world tried to accept me, a reformed, perfect lady, but couldn’t, because the church set a poor example to it.


It wasn’t easy in my family,


The church has more love for God, they have a spiritual commune, 10 commandments, everything is very difficult in the world. Christian commandments are just the first bricks, the rest of the spiritual laws are very important, and we do not know them. Outside the church, the world is not Christian.


Specialty, social strata, all are equal before God, but only before Him.


We are happy with all the holy Priesthood of my spouse, Because they entered the palace of my soul, he is not a priest.


Happy, we were not needed, the Priests had their own families.


“But you husband does not love you, from heart to heart”; perhaps, in his previous marriage, he suffered heavy emotional losses. It was necessary to heal his spiritual wounds. But we were separated, and there was no bridge between us. It is He who unites everyone, moving up vertically, His love for God the Father; horizontally, there are our social strata, our level of love for Him. The Cross is the starting point, where is the center? In your loins? Or in your heart?


To recover my spouse. To remedy him. To make the sign of the Cross, to save him, to give him just a little of that love for the Lord my God. And we would have been saved.


But they didn’t want to make us a happy family, there was a limit to happiness. They had found a cause:


I had to leave my family and go to live with my mother, she loved me a little,


I didn’t leave, I continued to live in my family, because I HAVE CHILDREN, I AM A MOTHER MYSELF.


My source is my soul and His teaching.


For continuing to work in the Temple, I had to leave for my mother’s, so that there would not be me, but only my source to be in their temple.


And in the Church, the Spiritual commune consists like this: priests are its chiefs, I had to be part of them to be tacitly ruled, for the glory of God of their fathers. They would have freed me from the yoke given by my Jesus Christ, they would have given their own yoke.


The clergy did not love me, I was not from my husband. I wanted to continue to feel love, to be from God, and not from my husband; my husband did not love me. I wanted to be for love, and not just for duty.


They began to be wary: first, dislike, perhaps, she was one of those women of easy virtue, atoning for her sins; secondly, they wanted to use our love for their own selfish purposes, as the above mentioned ones did; they wanted to spit in our souls.


They loved only their own. They offered bread, fish, they were soft to their people, they pitied, but they were cheap, Because they could not love, And the people loved them in advance, The Priests served their God, They took the cross on themselves, but they did not understand, did not feel, did not know It, But the people pierced their hearts, And they revealed themselves as they were, they showed their true attitude towards their people.


To clarify, I had lived in Russia for 5 years before coming to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.


I couldn’t stop going to services because I felt the opposition. If I stopped coming there, my Christianity would be quickly taken away from me, especially since there were so many unknown soldiers to be freed from their great love, and there was no link to the heart that loved So much.


We are closed from Christ by the clergy, it is beneficial for them, because they can rule over us, controlling our minds and souls, because the God of our fathers is not the God of their fathers.


There are two ways to God, as they say: From within, these are “not those who have seen, but those who have come from Him”. They are strong, and are even stronger, coming along with God. From outside, Pretend, do the deed, and the Lord will see and touch your heart.


But I continued to come to the Services of Christ,


and so I brought my heart to the service every morning for 5 years.


The kingdom of heaven was based on that State of love.


I came to the temple, as to the Last Judgment.


They condemned me for the sins of my youth.


She should not be in the Temple, moreover, in our hearts. And the Heart is the head, it is Bottomless


Investigation to the core.


But the Lord of our fathers is Higher and stronger, And we live in the world, we are worldly


Christ has come into the world


Violation of the 10th commandment: don’t envy. Violation of the 1st commandment: do not conjure.


We must serve the Lord God, and they must Keep Save Him


The clergy said that the worldly should not be above them, Because we did not love each other, And we said, living in the world, the main thing is not to do evil to Jesus Christ anymore, This is a common pie with love, You just love each other, You have a specific task. Earthly care is given to you, take care of the state of the church,


Keep the history, Teach, enlighten, if you can, Keep yourself, But don’t bury others


They transmit only the earthly to us, the disciple exceeds the teacher


I went to the Baltic baths, in the morning my telephone rang, it was Sveta saying, “Priest Alexander died, pray for him”. He’s mine, and I run to the temple. I knew him not very well, he had sore legs, and he wore a telnyashka; of course, Jesus Christ was in him, but Sveta gave me his earthly.


The soul is given by God, God must be above us; Learn, disciple, live and remember.


They were dissatisfied, as I often came to services, they began to forbid, secretly, to take away Spiritual treasure at night. Strength, Abilities. To make things worse through spiritual integration. But I continue to go to the holy temple of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra to the Lord my God and the Mother of God, Now they live in this temple, because They are prayed to all the time, And I have become their companion


The priests began to investigate. Where she came from, how she came to the Temple.


My mother lives alone, comes to the Temple only on big holidays.


And now, it is the Church of the Protection of Our Most Holy Lady, where I lived for just a month, my cousin Sveta, now there is Reverend Mother Olga. She is ours, she can be trusted, with the heart of mine-ours to be given to her.


Arbitrarily, autocratically, they decided to transfer my heart, Easter mood, and spiritually ruin me, to transfer to my cousin Sveta, she did not mind...


Easter mood before time, Easter mood in the middle of the Lent, Easter mood is a good yoke, Easter mood... it would always be like this* * Easter Time


To raise her, to lower me


They began making a hero out of her, and a traitor out of me (an apostate, an infidel), just because she served in the church of the Pskov Patriarchate


All my “silk garments” was given to that Church servant, because only Church servants could have such love for Jesus Christ, and I just stole that spiritual treasure.


And in future, all that I have prayed for 9 years, they wanted to make her by me and then transfer my heart to their person; for them, I was a stranger, out-of-church, worldly.


I was baptized in the summer of 1978.


In summer, in July, we went to our father’s cemetery in Fishnevo, on the way we stopped in the village of Zhabory to visit Sveta, There was a new settler Galina


Nun Nadezhda said about me, “Well, she’s been brought to join us”, but I went to Saint Petersburg


for changing my Husband spiritually; we only raise our children together. He was blessed for living separately with me, because I snored, but that was not so, we began to live separately.


My husband and me got gradually more estranged with each other.


In college, Yulia was known, she was a very good student, Fira Nikolaevna, my mother-in-law, joined my daughter through the money that her son and my ex-husband paid for Yulia’s studies, she distributed her, Yulia is My daughter. After the change of profession, 1/6 of her father remained. He didnt want to pay for college, but he had to. For money, he received Yulias DATA and passed it to his sister Tanechka Tarasova-Vakhabova. By order of his sisters husband Vakhabov, Yulia was stripped of her honour. College was replaced with “trance”, Yulia began to be disliked, Then Zlata appeared, she entered my daughters inner circle as a friend, took her DATA and betrayed her. Then the Tarasovs refused to pay for Yulias college. Klimochkina, my classmate, took Yulyas love for studies, subordinating her to her daughter. Yulias virginity was left to her friend Masha and her mother, who was a cosmetologist. We met when Yulia went in for volleyball, we were preparing a shift for the St. Petersburg Komenta team. I came in Yulias room to ask how her day was. A wave of irritation. Go out! I ask my question once again, and she approaches and begins pushing me out of her room. I endured, But then I decided to show that I could bring up differently. I began to resist, and there was a minor quarrel between us. To reach out to the heart, To reach out to the will for just a moment, the rest was someone elses. After that incident, Yulia came to the Psychoneurological dispensary (PND) No. 5. They created a file for her and also began to spiritually ruin her. The soul started changing


We asked Father Maksim, my spouse’s spiritual father, to bless us for divorce, but he said that it was a SIN, and didnt bless for divorce.


And I found myself in a place where love turns into indifference, they began to ruin me through my husband


And my husband raised our children only via ruble


I keep my soul, I just come to morning services, and this love helped me in all good things.


I return from the Service sublime and airy, I open my Door, I say Good morning to you, Peace to this house, I give you My Peace


But only after the Service can I talk to my children from soul to soul, and it’s not easy for them, I was in Heaven, and now on Earth. Now my cross is made of wood


The end of the service, the Song from the Psalter, Bows, shining eyes, the Open sky of domes, And the quiet breathing of icons is heard


And Again it’s below zero, Where only money and words pass from heart to heart


They took my silk garments off, They took my hopsacking clothes off, And once again I was naked...


They and we, we and they, They are not we, We are not They. Children, Money. We have business, But they are stronger with God, They will go to God the Father, And we will go to the children, Children are our future, They are ready to give their lives for the Lord. So we are... We wanted to build Paradise on earth, But we could not live without love, We lived with this idea, Peace to the world, War to the world, Friend to Foes, Foe to Friends


But I continue to go to the Holy Church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra


If it were just a secular organization, but this is a Christian-Orthodox one,


On December 18, 2016, so that we would not be divorced, I gave half of my part of the apartment to my ex-spouse, having drawn up a prenuptial agreement


In Canada, I received the New Testament, and, when I returned to Russia, they give me the Old Testament, they began to judge me for sins of my youth, looking at my family, who my mother was, what property we had, if we were prosperous.


Big and happy, we enter the temple. Repent and bow down for your parents’ sins! They began to spiritually associate me with my mother.


And they are doing judgment, spiritually throwing me down from Heaven to earth, looking for reasons; are we not in Heaven, on earth? My husband does not love, and we cannot, they began to ruin MY FAMILY. In the Orthodox faith, not to love is not a sin, they consider themselves saints, according to their law, The world is in sin and we lie in it, we tell you, we say; you improperly tell us, your word is not alive, it does not live in us, But the Lord of our fathers is Greater and stronger, But we live in the world, we are worldly. And Christ entered the world. Violation of the 10th commandment: do not envy; we must serve the Lord God


And they should Keep Him


Physical exercises helped me, I just exhaled from myself my husband’s hatred, which he received from the priests and the priests wives, as well as unnecessary feelings, we had not lived together for a long time. We only bring our children up.


And they can fire from work for reasons beyond their control


I couldn’t work at office, I needed fresh air. I went to work at the post office, the work was physically hard, but prayer made it easier: Theotokos Virgin, rejoice, Mary full of grace, The Lord is with THEE. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of THY womb, for THOU hast borne the Saviour of our souls.


When I came back to the post office after delivery, there was more God in me.


My condition was transmitted to the staff.


Before work, I came to services at the Lavra, that’s how I kept myself,


but the staff was unsatisfied: to continue working there, I had to become a part of them, but I was a part of Jesus Christ.


I was fired... they found a reason


The condition of my heart was transmitted to the sisters, with whom I lived for a month at the Church of the Protection of Our Most Holy Lady, in Zhabory, they did not want to accept me again, because


They told me, I said I’m not responsible for anything, They were like that, and I was the same


Sveta is not a good person, outwardly she’s a holy soul, but, in spirit, does not love, and takes grace away, and people say that spiritual wealth cannot be stolen by a thief and aphids will not erode it ...


Spirit and soul are at different poles, so it happens to everyone, when a person comes to church, And there is no agreement between the spirit and the soul, when one has honey in the mouth and razor at the girdle.


We are in the narthex, not in the Temple. And then the whole world is a theater, and we are actors in it. When a person is sincere, the heart is the head. You need to love with your head


SO, THERE IS NO SECOND BOTTOM; How to achieve the harmony of the soul and the spirit? When everything is sincere, otherwise we will remain in the narthex and will not enter HIS temple. “Honey in one’s mouth... and you FEEL the SECOND BOTTOM with your heart”.


Love the enemy? It would be nice to love your sincere one When (s)he is above you


I turned to Him, but it was hard to go then, I was destroyed by resistance and faith in justice. At that moment, there was snot where love should have been, and my left arm hurt


It’s been two years since I wanted to go to the convent. My children are students, they need me, I continue to raise them, (mostly, I am at home, cleaning and cooking, going to church to pray for my family). And the sisters did not want to see me


They were aware of ruining me spiritually. The Reverend Mother forbade Sveta to communicate with me


I listened to Christ’s cermon, Said “Amen”, turned around and went the way of my life to Him, Or is this the lot of the chosen alone?


And now, resentment, guilt, emptiness, to forgive nothing means to shorten your heart and your soul, God will forgive, He forgives everyone, He forgive all our debts, The area of my heart is Resentment, though it should be Love; Forgive, and Resentment will disappear


The priests influence me through my family, my spouse detaches me from himself, goes to church alone, says that it is impossible with me, we begin to sort things out. Through him, they continue to spiritually ruin me, and everyone has said yes, that’s right, well, shes stolen this heart, the question is how? Yulyas soul does not agree, the soul is out, they take an obedient one


The relatives followed the clergy’s bad example and began to turn my children against me, because I earned little money. I often heard from my husband that I was making his life unbearable, they told me to go and live with my mom.


I saw extreme disrespect from my spouse, because I didn’t earn much money


Stanislav’s soul; he loved his father, Tarasov I. Yu., very much.

He gave his Love to the Math teacher, Staska even said, I love you”; but <illegibly> said, I love you too, Staska was an excellent student,


Stas moved into our former room


Julia and me shared the living room, my ex-spouse lived in the kitchen


Stas disliked our double sofa, and took it to the dumpster near the house


I brought that double sofa to the 4th floor again, as realized that my life was collapsing. I put it in my part of the living room, but I never found its sidewalls


I went by bus to Zhabory for the weekend, eating herring on my way,


There was a holiday in Zhabory, and many guests from Porkhov and also from St. Petersburg came there. Ira and her friends came there, as well.


When I came back, my sofa was gone again, and the dumpster was empty


The next day, it hurt to take a deep breath of air, instead of strength – pain.


I tried to talk about it to Sveta, but she dodged the conversation


The pain in the lower part of the body intensified, I couldn’t walk, I had to lie down for 3 days.


Julia is crying, I can’t come to the computer.


As for Yulia, it was a strong psychological trauma, she studied so much, and as a result, she had no education.


I decided to raise funds myself – 48 thousand rubles, for paying the seventh trimester, to ask each relative to give 10,000 thousand rubles. Eventually, Tanya Tarasova said she had no money; Aunt Lipa said she couldn’t; Maxim said he would try to find money; Mom said she would help; Fira Nikolaevna didnt even open the door; thus, I didnt collect the amount, Yulka refused to study


Julia is being dismantled, everything holy is being taken away for their own people, they had took [1]   her head, and now they were making a sinner out of her... (Her head means her profession, architecture). Her father who she so loved betrayed her, and his relatives did the same.


Later, Yulia even came to the Neuropsychiatric Dispensary No. 5 in Krasnogvardeysky District


The decision was made in church, by the confessor Father Maxim, in the temple of the Miraculous Image, which is on Konyushennaya Square. The decision was as follows: to divorce and ruin me, giving all my love to my husband, because we had not gone to church together, though it was only an excuse. Father Maxim and his family were against me. He ruined me and my children through my husband, helping him to spiritually recover from the trauma of his first marriage; he created a dwelling within my ex-spouse, without any objection. He had no spiritual space, but he had diplomas on higher education, and a reason – as though I snored, when sleeping; Father Maxim blesses my spouse to sleep separately, so my husband slept in the kitchen. Yulia was spiritually attached to her father, “should there be love, the rest will follow”. Once they were sitting, and she put her head on his shoulder, he didn’t even hug her; he was sitting like a stranger, instead of hugging her and saying, Youre already adult, its time for you to get married, but he was silent. Father Maxim passed Yulyas soul to her non-father Igor Yurievich. Should there be love, the rest will follow. There, the confessor arranged his own kingdom, for the money to be given to Yulya by her father every morning. I told him that the money should come to her through me, he laughed. Together with others, he entered my spiritual space, where my love for Jesus Christ lived, and my friends, my enemies, many teachers, and their husbands, and Fira Nikolaevna, my mother-in-law, though she was our enemy, and brought dislike to me into Yulyas soul. Her father, Igor Yurievich, brought his daughter to the middle of the third year. We were divorced. Zlata appeared, she entered Yulyas space, Yulia did not keep up with her studies, Zlata became her best friend. She was a clergymans granddaughter. The non-father betrayed Yulyas soul, by not paying for her education. He colluded with the Orthodox Church. Yulya has no practice in the Jewish organization, shes not permitted there; they are in collusion, looking for their people and benefits; Igor Yurievich says that Yulia does not want to study, and she has not gone to. I went to borrow money from relatives, 10 thousand rubles from each of them. Tanya Tarasova-Vakhabova said she had no money; Mom said she would help; Maxim promised to help, but started inciting our mom not to give me the money, and Yulia to leave her collage; Fira Nikolaevna did not even open the door; so I had only 10 thousand of mine; I could contribute funds just for the first month, Julia did not go on studying, 6 months before graduation, she was going to take academic leave, and work at Watsons. Her non-father took the exam in 1C Professional; They were in collusion, they had a deal, the Orthodox clergy entered the temple of my soul, appropriated it for themselves, and shortened my heart in half, handing me over to their person my cousin Sveta Chernyshova, she was also Reverend Mother Christina, she did not mind ruining me, was silent, avoided our meetings, I was turned into something, but still alive. Igor Yuryevich is given my love for money, he daily transfers 155 rubles, allegedly helps. Yulia was given the hatred to Architecture through her college teacher Galina Alexandrovna Grebenshchikova. Julia was devoted to Vakhabov and his family. I talk to Vakhabov, he begins to ruin more, I go to the Mullah of the St. Petersburg Cathedral Mosque, and make a petition; handing over 1,000 rubles in addition, I run away, because I have no burqa, and dont know much about this religion. Nothing has helped. A year later, there was also no desire to study; having taken her documents from college, Yulia left it. Two years later, she forced herself to go back to college, she was not needed there, Igor Yurievich did not want to pay for her education, but he had to, the pressure continued, she forced herself to study. My children have to carry, like burlaks, their legacy all over their lives, and they are of our saints, enlightened, but uncircumcised in heart. To continue the Jewish theme, Jewish domination goes on, And this is the Orthodox Church, it tempts you, and you are tempted, you follow the example that they show you. Yulia is doing her internship in the Petersburg-Restoration Company. She got there by acquaintance, through my brother. Maxim made amends, atoning for his previous sins, as he had not offer [2]   the money he had, when we needed it to pay for Yulia’s seventh trimester under the education contract. This organization dislikes Yulia, they give her uninteresting tasks, but she is afraid of looking for something else after her first – Jewish practice, they ruined her greatly, giving her abilities to Zlata. Her non-father Tarasov I.Yu. is the customer in the education contract; he passes Yulia’s knowledge – DATA to his sister Tarasova Tanya, for the money he pays, Yulia is being ruined. For two years, Yulia has been ruined very much by Vakhabov and his family. They turned her away from learning, and did everything for her not to study, not to regain her knowledge – DATA; Tanya Tarasova and her family, and this is her daughter, and her son. For two years, the information space of the college has been passed to Yulia’s aunt Tarasova Tanya. She does not take Julia, turns her soul away from architecture, just so that she should not study, and return the DATA to herself. If only she was unhappy, her happiness is limited. Now Yulia is being linked to an employee from the contract department, he suffers arthrosis, we are in danger of getting arthrosis in future. Im against. My friend, Valentina, an architect, had articular arthrosis, she was a very promising architect, loved her father, he was an architect too. But her father did not love her, he was divorced from her mother, she did not like architecture because her husband divorced her because of it. As a result, the daughter inherited an architect with arthrosis from her fathers space, so that her mother would not bring hatred to her fathers profession and would not take away the potential, would not be better. Tanya is likely to make from Yulia another Valentina. If only she didnt take her abilities away, without returning the DATA, without being happy. Tanya Tarasova is my daughter Yulia Tarasova’s aunt. Our joints began to aching. I'm against. Spiritually, we are rather poor, we’ve been ruined in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Aunt Tanya turns Yulyas soul away from architecture, Yulia is not interested, we are deprived of profession.


The family of my ex-husband’s sister Tatiana Tarasova


He is Alexander Vakhabov – exalted, refined, a genius, a Muslim, skinny, like a scrag.


She is Tatiana Tarasova – his sheep, insidious, kindness itself on her outside, but bile flows over the edge on slaves-members of her family.


Children are Anna and Nikita – their salvation, everything for their sake


My children Yulia and Stanislav are expendables for them


And Staska is under Nikita Vakhabov, who works on the stock exchange and takes my son’s Si energy at night


Stas is 22, he worries that there is no girlfriend in his life, only his dad, who takes his feelings, giving him indifference to life




I am divorced, The temple where we were married in church and where we came on Sundays, divorced us


for my love, I’ve got hatred; Love your enemy, but the enemy has grown much; Pray for your enemies, bless them


But in a world that is not united by a great common goal, there are different laws now


Yes, they do not take away my housing, they take away my life, they judge me by my pocket, not by my deeds


They want me to forget my history, Jesus Christ, to become the forme, because I do not serve in the church, I am among you, in the world, but with a very circumcised heart; now the heart is only in the loins again, but physical education helps me


Since the sisters are enlightened through me, I am their spiritual mother, my gut is their source


Sveta is now the source herself, creating her dwelling on my bones; there are the hearts of the priests of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, their Wives, and many illuminated people. But the original source is still in me; and everyone knows this, but they do not want to admit that they are doing wrong to me, a worldly woman. When me and Sveta met, she said that, according to the Reverend Mother, she had freed me from the Charm. The church oppresses me, has turned my life into something, they try to disqualify me, remove me, first spiritually, then physically, because I am in the way of many: 14 people, and these are only those I know; my gut is transmitted to their dwelling, they have dug a hole for me, but they themselves have got there,


the lower I am, the worse it is for them. But the church does not want to admit that it has done so badly to me, a worldly woman, worldly people do not enter the church, they are only in the narthex; they are “grazed” – fed, the question is who feeds whom.


The worldly ones are not part of the higher Church, they are a flock for the Pastor, and the flock are his spiritual children, whom the Pastor does not love, in fact, because now, in the world, love is again only in loins...


All this is from the field of psychology, we are realists, we need facts, figures, evidence,


Psychology is the science about soul, and what is soul? This is our conscience, the spark of God, the drop of the Virgin


God is an invisible, omnipotent spirit, We pray to Him, and He comes to Heal, and we believe He is in us


The Lavra knew me as a charwoman, but, as I wrote above, I did the job not for money; at the church, mostly, women can only clean up


PetroComplectService LLC. My ex-husband and me are designers and founders of this organization, which was founded before we moved to Canada


To find a job was hard


PetroComplectService LLC continues to work, the director there is my brother Maxim, the company is located close to the Lavra


So, after services, I sometimes went to PetroComplectService, looking for a job, because I understood that it was hard to find another job to earn money. But the employees of this organization hated me in vain (for nothing)


The priests understood this and began to spiritually invade this organization; they passed my mom, my spiritual family to the employees of PetroComplectService Kovalenko N., Lapteva N., Bezgodova Natalia, and they don’t mind ...


Happy, we weren't required, They didn't want to make us a Happy family and save my former Spouse


They have divorced us, taking our love for themselves, they have their own families


Within six years, in the convent at the Church of the Protection of Our Most Holy Lady, Nun Nadezhda got married, is now expecting a child; Nun Galina lives in the world, Reverend Mother Mikhaila, she is also Nun Anna, died, the Kingdom of Heaven be upon her! Nun Alexandra came, now, only my cousin Sveta (she is also Nun Kristina, Nun Olga, a worker Fatina) and Nun Alexandra live at the Church of the Protection of Our Most Holy Lady in the village of Zhabory, Pskov Region.


The Result. They firmly believe in the bad, then they look for a reason for punishment and do not find it. They investigate to the core of the soul, cut down at the root, the foundation is earthly, put an equal sign and say: believe, it's you.


There is no joy for a person, They take away spiritual wealth, gold, love. They open the casket of our soul through Jesus Christ they take everything they want from there, making their own order there. They invade a family, thereby ruining it, allegedly for the worthy, in their opinion ...


Why are you like that? But we are spiritually rich, you say.


But it's not yours, it's our family, we’ve deserved it,


And we live in the world, we are not church servants, we are strangers for you, like Jesus Christ, He came into the world


Yes, I am the daughter of a seamstress-cleaner, does it matter to you?!


You meet by clothes, by profession, and how do you see off?


The Lord is high, He descended into hell And ascended to his Father, And you did not live in hell, Everyone has their place, You took your place And we don't mind, but only with God, You took God from us, He gave his life for us, And you give our life for yours, Who is your God?


Close up, pretend, put on a vestment Before they figure you out, But it's better to put on a vestment and believe that it's you


Parishioners are counted to a dwelling by specialty


Then everything that is not necessary in their opinion is taken away, they leave it in the monastery of the temple :A sip of faith; A little memory of children; A little joy, surprise for Nature;


In the world, spiritual wealth is taken away, everything is equal, and this is our Church, parish;


The goals did not match, I was saved, you still had to be saved.


In 2019, I worked as a couriers, delivering the Business Petersburg newspaper, this is a part of the city between the Moskovskie Vorota and Frunzenskaya metro stations, and the Novo-Devichy Monastery is also located there. I felt that everything was being wiped out, my Christ was being ruined, my well was filling up, there was no longer that strength and height


I went to the Investigative Authorities of the Russian Federation,


This organization is located directly opposite the monastery, I constantly walked past it when I was walking along the route, they know me, I wrote a Statement that I could not find a job in my specialty, since I was spiritually ruined in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra and (they prevent me from finding a job in my specialty) that I was divorced, squeezed out and thrown away, the answer was something like this, “We investigate cases, which have resulted in victims,


And you all are alive, healthy, there are no victims, what kind of witchcraft?” They officially replied 2 weeks later, “Contact the Employment Center


They have torn me to pieces, you are wrong; do you remember what we were striving for and what we have come to? To communism!!!


The Post-Revolutionary Century, The Post-Conscientious Century


In August 2020, for working as an assistant educator, I had to receive the certificate from the PND (the neuropsychiatric dispensary)


Having come to the dispensary No. 5 in Krasnogvardeysky District, I passed several tests, and began to fill out a questionnaire of 350 questions, at first they offered me 500 questions, then they stopped at 350. It was the end of the working day, I went to buy food. Since I was carrying the questionnaire and the helium pen in my left hand, the questionnaire was accidentally stained with the pen; I returned and asked for a clean copy of the questionnaire; I was told that there was nothing terrible, the answers could be read anyway, and I continued.


When I asked if I could continue next day, since it was evening, there was no time, they told me you could, I filled out 115 questions every day in my relatively free time.


The next day, the deputy chief physician for medical work refused to issue the certificate and offered me to undergo treatment in the day hospital. When asked why, she said, “because you filled out the questionnaire for three days”, I said, With your consent. The next day I was examined in the PND No. 3 in Admiralteysky District, it was a standard hardware examination, where conclusions are made based on objective data. And I got the certificate required for the job. I came back to the PND No. 5 in Krasnogvardeysky District to ask where my medical-data file is in the dispensary from. I have never asked for aid in a dispensary


The head of the PND began to ask me about my family, which was not relevant to my question, I did not disclose the information.

Two more doctors were present there. But after I felt (psychological impact), namely, fear and uncertainty, I had to say quite harshly that they were wrong, when they did not give me the certificate, I never asked for aid at a neuropsychiatric dispensary, (another time when I came there, I said that the medical data file was a fake.) I was asked to wait in the corridor. While they discuss “what to do with me”, I said I had no time to wait, and left.


The Church should reveal all the information to us, we are waiting. The 21st century has begun, the 21st century has entered into force, the world is changing, the Soviet block is a thing of the past, only the Orthodox world remains (but the Christian word was shortened), there is no His love in the temple, we are all very low for His love, our love is only for Him and these are laws and rules, we do not know about them, the 10 commandments are the main bricks, and what does Orthodoxy mean without Christianity?


We are waiting for changes, Waiting, but they begin to affect our minds and souls, goals are blurred, priorities are changing. “They will lead us with the right, we are right. They will lead us with the left, we are the left”.


I even filed the application to the court (for recognition of the organization as a sect, termination of spiritually ruining my family, moral damage penalty), as suffered spiritually, because we had not known their rules. I am a parishioner of the Holy Church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Natalia Viktorovna Zueva. For 5 years, I have been going to the Lavra daily, praying for health for my family, daughter Julia, son Stanislav, ex-husband Igor, as a result, I am subjected to spiritual ruining by the defendant because the laws in the temple are not Christian, my family is not ruined. duties of the church to a member of the church (prayed, hoped, believed, endured, the clergy of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, without knowing me, condemned me). I was divorced with my spouse, despite the fact that I gave my ex-spouse part of my apartment after 20 years of living together (see the prenuptial agreement). Recognition of our church marriage as invalid occurred only in a year, but Priest Thomas neither divorced me; nor responded to my request for terms of our spiritual divorce (see the Request for the Spiritual divorce). Daughter Yulia left her college 6 months before graduation; her “Dad” refused to pay for her education, referring to the fact that Julia did not want to learn (the Statement from the College); I was denied a job by my specialty (see Job referrals); Son Stas is 22, he worries about having no girlfriend, only his dad, who takes his feelings, giving indifference to life instead; Relatives follow the bad example of the clergy of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra; I ASK THE COURT To recognize that priests and parishioners of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra form a sect, and not a Christian parish; To stop spiritually ruining my children and me, which was organized by the clergy of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra through worldly and church people;


Now my dwelling is very simple, There is the court, There is my prayer, which is rather poor, because I am low, and there is very much above me, and there is also physical education


You can say that it just seems to me, but if so, then everything around us is a mirage and, In fact, does not exist, just like you, He does not see you, just like you do not see Him now...


In the definition of “not subject to this court”, is it because this is invisible? they are saints, not to love is not a sin, and everything is based on this statement, but we have evidence




Non-performance of the church duties to a church member; I was baptized in 1978, our son and daughter – in 1999


All these years, since 2007, I have tried to save my love and pass it on to my children, And since 2014, I went to services every day, fulfilled the prayer rule, because I lived for a month in the convent, and these actions became part of my composition, I tried to act as they do in the convent, to save my love, which helped me in all good things,


This confrontation gave my children great “mess” in terms of their attitude towards me, they did not know who to believe, the priests’ wives and mothers spiritually turned my children against me, so that I did not have a hearth, a family, because I entered their world without permission, I was very high, the higher you are, the more power and love you have. I got a job in the church, as the priests of the Pskov Region told me, and the clergy of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra knew that I was His dwelling, because I had been constantly praying to Jesus Christ since 2007. Through Jesus Christ, they entered the radiant palace of my soul, I brought my spiritual authorities to the Lavra, and my palace turned into a Christian Temple, and as a sign of gratitude, they could have made a real family out of us, and we were just a Soviet family. My husband hated me, though loved me a little in the church, but there was no love from heart to heart between us. We had different levels of love for Jesus Christ, besides he suffered emotional losses from his previous marriage. The priests could have recovered my husband and made a real family out of us, like an example, being with us in this Temple, saving themselves, but they began to destroy my Christian Temple, they had Envy and malice


I pawned my cross, earrings, gold chain, I didn't want to interfere with anyone’s life, I wanted to go to work in Canada; I made the first payment, as it was written on the website; 3 months had passed, there were no documents, I wrote to them again, they offered me to pay for courier delivery. I borrowed, paid again and waited, but I get nothing


Sveta doesn’t want to let me go, wants me not to be


We should be warned: you are embarking on the path, it may be long or short, you have come from yourself to YOURSELF and must go to HIM, how to do this? The Church will provide YOU with a decent outcome


On February 14, 2021, on the feast of the Epiphany, I held the second action


Because I am very much in the way of many;


In the same morning, Yulia and me had a fight, only such love was possible between us, or indifference, that’s how they told me, you are not a mother. Then I went to the service in the Lavra


During the sermon I said aloud, “There is no spirit of truth in you”, You are giving my life for yours, You love yourself more.


The guard came up and took me out of the temple.


As we walked towards the exit, he said that “it was just beginning”. Before I left the temple, I crossed myself; the guard disliked this, and he started roughly pushing me out.


I held my first campaign in December. During the sermon, I said that


they had destroyed my family, and I was going to sue them.


Yulia has stopped being ashamed of her nakedness, I can’t do anything about it, the only thing is to say stiffly that its indecent. After that,


on July 7, the feast of John the Baptist, I stated.


I have to say that they should repent;


the people continued to stand in silence, watch and cross themselves, but I took communion and silently continued to cross myself as everyone did; after the service, I approached my acquaintance Lyudmila to ask if she could help me; she replied that she had no money.


In 2014–2015, there was a woman by name Ira. She ran across Alexander Nevsky Square, sometimes froze for a moment, clasped her hands at her neck, prayed, we considered her to be a little out of her mind. I thought, that’s all, now its my turn to take her place. But I am not out of my mind, and everything mine is his, and hers, ours.


No one pays attention to my actions, though they could come up and say, “What do you want, Woman?” On July 12, I collected all the documents and took to the Patriarchate my story This could happen to anyone and evidence for the Hegumen of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Archimandrite Stefan


But they didn’t even register the documents in the office


The state of the revolution, the sense of injustice disappears very quickly, telling me, this is not your life and Julia’s, I am not their mother at all,


my child is not a doll of God, but a doll of a wolf in sheep’s clothing,


And silence of the lambs around


my love, where are you, there is no place for her within me, I am a stone. IT's just STRONG FEELINGS, it was really hard for them within me; I'm A STONE


My heart told me there was no place within you


And it loved so much ...


Relations in my family have not improved, Yulia has not gotten better; she returned late yesterday, “Near Chernyshevskaya” walked after work, her voice tired, sense of hopelessness. I came to the Temple, approached the Mother of God, began to ask for Julia to be saved, to be given a perfect heart, and kind people to be sent on her way.


Then I SAID aloud, “Why are you, Parishioners of the Holy Church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, oppressing me? I am a Mother of two children. Why should I do more evil to myself?”; the guards came up and


took me out of the temple.


A year ago I got sick, I had a high fever. I looked like an alien – only eyes on my face, I did not measure my temperature. I’m lying down, three heartbeats, Im still alive, I pack my things and go to the American Consulate, they have been closed for half a year, only in the Far East one office is, I walk along Furshtadskaya Street to the German Consulate. I ask if they accept religious refugees, they reply that I should send the information by e-mail; I’ve done so and added that I was a child, a child of war, their answer is that they do not accept the category.


So that Yuri Mikhailovich (God rest his soul) could not enter me, I began to drink only juices; 8 days later, on my right side, my lymph node swelled.


I came to PetroComplectService, I felt much better, it was also hard for me to leave, I stopped it.


Today, September 17, as for my health, I have severe suffocation and uncomfortable sense in my left side, Yulia also felt suffocation, stood and loudly inhaled and exhaled;


There is no movement from the heart, despite all my goodness, She does not listen to me, She is spiritually filled with someone else. But there is a part of me in her, she is in me and I am in her; And now it is empty place where my daughter’s spirit should be in front, I feel that she is only in the PND, local guards have twisted her, and impose their behavioral cliches on her, SHE is almost gone,


Standing at the Icon of Our Lady of the Sign, I said that “You spat in my soul”, because they entered my soul through Jesus Christ and left their evil there, so that I could not have a family, but the service continued, perhaps someone heard my words; I still took communion so that my children might get better, I’m absent, my composition is unstable. Then I went out, there was a stand on the wall, with a weekly texts from the Gospel and the Epistles of the Apostles; I began reading. Immediately a priests wife, her spirit behind me, appeared, I has gone; they don't want me to read exactly these texts, exactly in this place, because these recover you after being in the temple. I approached the priest who was confessing, he was sitting on a chair, a girl kneeling in front of him. I came up and repeated my words, You spat in my soul; my suffocation went away, probably because I overcame my fear.


But Christ is not to blame!


Evidence is provided upon request


October 29, 2021, a man in vestment came up, then escorted me out of the temple, saying, “come out, don’t make faces here”; not to disturb the order, we went to the exit and went out into the narthex, I said, I was not bothering anyone there, and he answered that it was impossible for me to be even there, I left the temple, crossed myself, but I had a question: what did he mean by make faces? I entered the temple again, everyone was on their knees, I also knelt down, crossed myself, then went to the cross; the man was coming towards me, was he going to escort me out again? Im not bothering anyone here, what do mean by make faces?, diverged, and the service went on...


On the eve of December 6th, I talked to Yulia; she rarely starts talking to me at all, I came up and asked how things were, she had immediately some kind of disgust, she simply could not listen to me, got annoyed and started pushing me out of the room. Its composition is the mother of my former spouse, his sister, the wife of her younger brother, and everyone hates me, although I have not seen them for about 3 years, there is very little of me in her. And this is the childbearing of the priests’ wives of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, so that I could have no hearth, no family. On the morning of December 6, it is the holiday of Alexander Nevsky After the Service, I held my Action.




After the sermon, I said loudly, “The priests of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, my children, are not believers among you”.


What is Orthodoxy? This is when the priest has his own personal business, and this business is not one of Jesus Christ. And what is Orthodoxy without Christianity is a big question. This time the guards did not come up to me, I stood silently looking at Hegumen Stefan, he looked at me. He was holding a large cross, and the parishioners took turns approaching him. I went up to the Mother of God and began to pray for my daughter, a woman-parishioner immediately came up, I asked, “What do you think about it”? She smiled silently, put down her candle and left. The water consecration ended, I also asked, Father, what do you think about it? There was no answer. No one CARES, though they could have asked, WOMAN, why are you crying? No one cares... Who attacks, who defends,


And the Mother of God looks at the Church of Jesus Christ, “Love your Neighbor as yourself”


Am I not your Neighbour? “We don’t know you” And who is your neighbour then? You are all grouped by priest, and I was a bride of Jesus Christ. He is the strongest, and the clergy simply did not love me, I am not a husband’s wife.


Now we are given to my brother Maxim,

He has changed after my divorce, avoids me, once, in a conversation, he said, “I am not Igor, am I?”

He doesn’t give me a job, avoids me,

communicates immediately with Yulia; I’ve commented his behavior, he says, “Shes an adult”,

This was done by the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, they spiritually turn the city against me, because the Priests look at the family and cut down at the root, and say, believe me, you are like this, and the rest of the spiritual good is stolen by you, For them, the main source of Divine Grace is the human gut,

 they do not have such a horn to pierce the firmament heavenly and get to God.




Now I am interfering with many people’s lives, First of all, I am in the way of my home people, although they have been mine no longer. I would like to warn everyone this is not the dwelling of Jesus Christ, the rules here are not His, because they are not as tall as He is. And through the temple, the not-good enters our hearts, Once upon a time, Once upon a time, We get those who are looking for Their own benefit


This is your mother, imagine that now there is a war, a battle, traitors, friends, defeats, victories, this is not her, I am not me, this is a war.


My voice is for those who are still breathing,

My voice is for those who live by this,

My voice is for those who look and see,

My voice is for those who do good.


We must be warned, “You enter the path, it’s no matter, whether it is long or short. I came from myself to MYSELF, I have to go to HIM, how? The church will provide YOU with a decent outcome. The Church will provide YOU with a decent outcome


On March 21, after communion, I have the sharp pain in my right chest, the pain is getting worse, I put a cabbage leaf, the pain went away to the withers.  When your body was God’s dwelling, you were ruined, with all spiritual clothes taken off. They say that now I wear someone elses spiritual clothes (no, they are mine, coming back to me), and they start to nullify me, and your body turns into a TERMITE. This, among other things, was done by the Muslim society in St. Petersburg, I wrote them a letter inviting to be experts at the trial against the clergy the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Not all Muslims are in the heavenly dwelling of Alexander Vakhabov, who has been ruining my family (the husband of my ex-spouses sister, I havent seen him for 10 years; despite this, he continues ruining us, and his voice is heard). Hes just avoided us, doesnt communicate; My brother Maxim Zuev also avoids us, doesn’t communicate, ruins Julia


We are given to Maxim’s mercy, he does not mind stealing our spiritual goods, passing them to Lenka, his wife; he does not communicate with me and Julia, avoids us, gives us his food. Help me leave Russia.


I began to collect proofs, confirmation that I had worked at the Lavra, I needed a certificate that I had worked there since October 10, 2014. I went to Archimandrite Nikita, the human resources department, there was a woman, I knew her, she seemed to me to work as an accountant.

“We give no certificates, you worked under a volunteer contract”; 7 years ago, the contract was lost, nevertheless, I left a petition for Archimandrite Nikita.

I started looking for other ways, approached Father Procopius, he was the Lavra's housekeeper at that time; he sent me to Father Macarius,

He advised to write a petition.

I wrote the petition, so and so, I ask you to issue a certificate, I took it to the attendant to give it to him,

I come up in three days, his shift worker says, come up tomorrow; I come up, yes, he was, was, there is no answer yet

Archimandrite Nikita can be found in the Temple,

I came up, asked if I could get a certificate that I worked here,

he said “not now”, went on, came up to me in 10 minutes, Go to the accounting department, ask some one of church workers for details”, I did not go, because they work only in the temple, they do not issue certificates.

The onslaught continues,

It doesn’t matter what has happened, it happened, live and dont remember, thoughts tell me.

I’m coughing, my voice got lower, my nose is running a lot.

And they continue to take the name of the Lord God Jesus Christ in vain in their sermons after servicing.

Again the second bottom, honey in the mouth, and a bad heart.

Are these the Disciples of Christ? They make mistakes and do not try to fix them, which means they will repeat them again and again. Your daughter may be in my place tomorrow.

My daughter needs to prepare for her diploma defense, her sole turned away by Tanechka Tarasova.

Yulia reads books on sewing, takes the case of those who do not love a little.

After the sermon, I began to ask, “Father, can I have a word?” Like before, a parishioner could tell something on the topic of the text from the Gospel.

On May 4, I held the action in the Church of the Protection of Our Most Holy Lady in Kosygin Avenue, they refused me

On May 5, I held the action in the holy church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, they refused me

On May 7, I held the action in the holy Cathedral of the Kazan Mother of God, they refused me

I was told no.

They divide and rule over us

They don’t need us to be strong, and with God, well get even stronger,

They accept the spirit of those who once lived,

They did not suffer, they did not acquire a dwelling,

They just logged into this network.


One bozhka is good,

two bozhkas are even better..

In Tatar,

Bozhka means God,

They take away our heads, so that we could not feel God.

Bozhkas, Bozhkas, and where is their place on our shoulders,

And now there are their unholy ones.

Here are the priests of the holy cathedral of the Kazan Mother of God, They ask a priest of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra,

Why do you dislike her so much, why have you “freed her from Bozhka”, There is no cross on you, Oh, no, there is,

We want to rule

over the world,

 but she prevents us,

What happened,

The conspiracy of state

and religious officials

to return me to my mother’s land.

Now there is no love in the church, like before, only laws and rules that are fulfilled by duty, habit.

There is a so-called network, which includes the clergy and their flock.

the flock are his spiritual children, whom the pastor does not love, because now, in the world, love is only in loins

 I prayed not out of duty

As a result, after I came from Canada, my work was not going very well, I was different
spiritually, and I had to be from my mother on this earth, they tried to return me there.

I resisted it, continued to pray, come to church

I worked for a year in School No. 196, instead of a teacher who was on maternity leave.

I saw, what was happening: communicating with me, teachers received from me a new “god” – God, grew much spiritually. Another network, space, dwelling appeared. The teachers felt they had entered my space, but I gave no sign about it. But they
spiritually tuned against the Orthodox Church, just because

        I did not participate in the school community life.

       The income is not so high.

        My husband hates me so much.

       I live in a kind of two-room khrushchevka.

Who am I to receive this through me? They don’t know me well, I didnt participate in community life, its physically and spiritually hard, I earn 13 thousand rubles.

Only the church should have this pie with Jesus Christ’s love.

Yes, I read Orthodox Christian prayers, and this is traditionally our national heritage, no one is forbidden to read them, I went to church on Sundays.

I work as a courier in the Dostavista company,

But there are similar questions,

I am exposed to

Pressure by the security department,

They oppress me, as I’m just a courier, they allow themselves merely to call me and make idle comments,
pass me their unkindness, working under their control, I feel a lot of dumb things in me, my composition, to put it mildly, is much worse.

Now they have banned my account and entered my space through funds, ruining my son, I ask to take measures and stop influencing like that. The security department has put on my spiritual clothes, and now wants to remove me from Dostavista, etc.

I am a courier, as for me, movement is life, otherwise I will be nullified, first spiritually, then physically, because I have gone against the Orthodox rules,

I have been working in Dostavista since 2017, there is a part of me in each of you, in someone more, in someone less, but they in the security department have decided to completely take away my spiritual clothes, But I’m still alive

We must declare our intention to do evil no longer, and ask our POWERS to help us.


I came home in the evening, Yulia said hello, I answered. I was standing in the hallway, Yulia came out undressed, looked into the kitchen and left; I started to make a remark to her, she told me in response, “There is no respect”.

In her composition, there is my daughter, but she only watches, the girl from Apartment No. 3 on the first floor is in charge there. They are at our entrance, they take away our spiritual good, they give their own non-good. Maxim, my brother, does not need me a perfect, holy one, he kills me spiritually, at night he takes away spiritual good over his right shoulder.

On May 25, on inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I again submitted a request-application for holding the rally, namely: We ask for permission to hold the rally.

Subject: Why do we pronounce only part of the name, when talking about “The Christian Orthodox Church”, we say Orthodox, shortening Christ-Christianity? What is Orthodoxy without Christianity?

We ask the Orthodox Church to always use the name in full, without abbreviations, when they relate to our faith, namely, the Christian Orthodox Church.

Collecting signatures on the request ...

Number of participants: 21 people.

When: from 27 to 31 May,

time from 9 to 20 hours,

Where: The square in front of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra

On May 27, I was refused, because of COVID-19,

They held the March of the Immortals,

And we should be Outside the Church, Outside God, Outside the Heart

The light is not in you

The light is not in me

I am gloom, you are in darkness,

Do you see the light from outside?


Today, on the day of transferring the relics of Alexander Nevsky, on September 12, 2022, we printed three leaflets “PATRIARCH means THIEF”. I went to the Kazan Cathedral. There was the service in the cathedral, the Kazan clergy came out, stood in line in front of the people, and sang a Troparion. The cathedral was crowded, some area in the centre was fenced, I began to scatter these leaflets so that people could see, what was written there. The guard collect them to crumple. I shouted, give me the leaflets, svolochi, by definition of this word in Russian, these are hired people who drag ships from one place to another, across the narrowest places between the rivers, That is, they transfer the acquired goods from one person to another at their discretion.

In 2 words, I was taken out of the temple, escorted down the stairs, but I began to address the people and denounce the clergy.

“This is only a theater”, I shout, this is only one side of the coin, but dig deeper, a slaughter of cows and a sea of blood.

This organization is not as perfect as you think.

They should walk in God and purity, truth and righteousness, we should only be their subjects, but they do not even fulfill the commandments of Jesus Christ literally in relation to us, they are not Him.

Don’t we have anyone to follow?

They have Church. And what about us? We have some kind of war in the world,

Who attacks,

Who defends,

And the Mother of God looks

at the church of Jesus Christ.

Parishioners, do not enter their church, it is not the church of Jesus Christ.

You do not enter the dwelling of the only “man Alive”, and you are a flock for the priests, whom they do not love, because love in the world is now only in loins, so they lead us only to their COWSHED. They give us their unholy. And the holy is taken away, there is no saint in the world.

The guard said, “She needs medical help”, I said, Don’t worry, I have all the certificates about me.

The Lord did not bequeath them to conceal the truth, to hide the worn-out state of affairs in the Orthodox Church (By knowledge or ignorance, word or deed, action or inaction).

Students and pensioners gathered in a festive mood, they formed the column to participate in the procession from the Kazan Cathedral to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra; there were a lot of people, despite Monday.

They wanted to testify to their faith that they wanted to be subjects only of Alexander Nevsky and His friends, because he was very tall spiritually.

There was a fenced-off place for the clergy in front of the cathedral, and people, mostly women, were crowding along Kazanskaya Street, behind the fence.

Flags and icons, vestments, smiles, festive mood, police,

all this is only one side of the coin, they don’t have everything so “sweet”, dig deeper – slaughter of cows and a sea of blood,

I keep asking questions, speaking loudly,

“Why are they called Orthodox, instead of Christian Orthodox, why is Christ, Christianity omitted?

Everyone stood, not paying attention to me, a girl began to intercede for priests.

I continued that everything is much more complicated, Yes, Jesus Christ left 10 heavenly commandments, however, the Orthodox Church is not a heavenly, but earthly dwelling, they have their own families, Earthly laws unknown to us, and because of this, we suffer.

That the world is an enemy for the Orthodox Church has been clear since the 30s, when the Soviets took away the church’s real estate.

But now, in general, we get along, the question is how?

I was taken beyond the fence

Now, as after the war, the position of women in Russia is difficult, since there are much more women in Russia than men

It is especially difficult for representatives of the lower class, who are engaged in physical labor. They are at the bottom of this hierarchy. But she is already her, no one needs her, she has already given everything, it is also hard for her child.

Spiritual corruption is being raised into religion, (they will never rise spiritually, put on Jesus Christ just because they are at the bottom of THEIR “service ladder”)

They open the casket of the soul as owners, putting “their own order” there, giving us their role. For those, who serve outside the Church.

Parishioners do not enter the church, they have their own Lord-master (they are lucky who have God as their Lord),

But in the world, it’s mostly your Boss

Yes, it happens subconsciously, invisibly, but we must say that we no longer want to do evil, and ask to help us our Powers,

the Sky, wires, poles, asphalt, lanterns, the great monument of architecture the Kazan Cathedral, Herzen University, green, yellow foliage, students, pensioners, teacher, priests, protopriests, priests’ wives and mothers, fathers, children, teachers, chorister, police, fences, clergy, gathered for demonstrating their faith in Jesus Christ.

And I shout, I ask them and I get no answer.

I crossed Kazanskaya Street, “We will never put on Jesus Christ, they have their own families”, I shouted, and contemplated how I had put on, and they almost destroyed me then.

Would it be Him, or did He just decorate Me?

I looked at the demonstrators, and noticed some people listening to me, waved to them, just crossed Kazanskaya Street and went to work.

We did not know heavenly food, earthly food helped us, we were people from the earth, but suddenly the Lord touched our hearts, and we got alive, and, according to earthly Orthodox rules, we were turned into “something”.

The sun was shining, you look out of the window – it’s a cold autumn, you leave the house its still the Indian Summer.

It’s colder at home than outside, I've been doing repairs for the second month, it's uncomfortable at home.

My children do not communicate with me, our relatives turn them against me.


Since 2015, I have been singing in the Amateur Choir of the Kazan Cathedral. During this time I felt differently. On Sundays we serve a morning service. During the service out of love to Jesus Christ, our worlds unite, and my powers and authorities have also transferred to the dwellers of the clergy and parishioners of the Kazan Cathedral. Perhaps, they felt that God has become more, we have become stronger.

Up to this point, the Priests were free, and now certain forces and authorities appeared over them, who knew how to do better, so that they could become the door to the Kingdom of Heaven, and not to the kingdom of their wives. They had a living word, their sermons Enlightened, Purified a person, and they tried to acquire, preserve and multiply their state.

Then, after the coronavirus, our hearts were cut by 1/4, only facts remained, and feelings were sold and drunk.

But this person joined the choir for 18 months ago and Quickly gained the Kazan Cathedral priests’ confidence. She also got a job as a candle-seller in the cathedral, and she was taken to this position. She seemed to have strong patrons, to come to the choir with her specific goal – to follow the second path, i.e. There are strong people, and with God, they are even stronger, or Pretend and do your deed, the Lord will attach the heart to you. The clergy attached my heart to her.

And they lowered me to my mother's land, like everyone else, without substantially understanding my situation, (my mother also suffered from the military, is a victim of anti-human terror, and I suffer from them).

This Daria also began to attend Catechetical courses at the Cathedral. It was the same as in case of my cousin Svetlana Chernyshova, who then lived in the convent, only “three steps below”, and for whom my family was a source of the Holy Spirit.

Short, slim build, once in a conversation she said that she was born in 1972, her trembling hands drew my attention, as well as her American type of communication – always a smile, a desire to help, sympathy. But these were only outwardly, subconsciously it was manipulation of human souls, through otherworldly forces, she seemed to have strong patrons, she quickly got fans.

How many times they’ve told the world.

That flattery is vile, and harmful; but in vain,

And in human heart, a flatterer will always find a corner.

I twice made her a remark, “don’t do evil anymore”, she pretended to understand nothing. It manifested itself for me as follows: If I used to like going to rehearsals, now I had to force myself. After the service, the people took turns coming up and kissing the main icon of the day; she and her friend stood wiping the icon after each person.

I came up and said that they had no right to wipe the icon, she crossed herself and replied, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, essentially saying nothing, The next Sunday, after the service, everything repeated again, She and her friend were wiping the main icon of the day, after the sermon, I told the priest that Dasha and Nadia were doing more evil, they were ruining me spiritually, then I asked the parishioners to help stop the outrage, the parishioners stood silent, no one said anything.


13.11.2022 The situation is not better, These Daria and Nadia were still wiping the icon of the day after each parishioner. She continued smiling, however, it was more difficult for her to smile emotionally, due to external protection, manipulating human souls through otherworldly powers. She was already ruining my children, daughter Yulia and son Stanislav. That Daria had stolen mine, she was part of me, but she hated me, because I was in her way.

Realizing this, I chose the way of publicizing the situation, her father, who was in the other world, was trying to create a holy space for his daughter, make her a “holy soul”, cutting from me and giving her all unnecessary for him. I had no desire to pray, I had to force myself.

I have repeatedly appealed to parishioners with my complaint and request to consider the situation, and this time I said that, “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body, be afraid of those who kill the soul”. The clergy pretend that nothing was happening, although everyone of them knew everything perfectly well, but that situation happened under the cathedral clergy’s blessing, as she worked as a candle-seller.

Since 2015, the Temple has been in my space,

it happens invisibly, only in our hearts. I asked the priests to listen to me, they promised to do but somewhen in future.

On Sunday, the ordinary was changed, first a memorial service for repose, then a prayer service for health. I kept thinking they sent me home as a man, but I should come as a saint. I came up and asked why they had changed the ordinary, first for repose, then the prayer service at the icon for health, they answered, they could change it at their discretion, but everything had been allegedly agreed. But, according to the ordinary, it should be just the opposite.


10.11.2022. I bought a ticket to Riga, packed my things, at 10 p.m. I came to the Bus Station near the Bypass Canal [3]  . When boarding, the documents were checked, they noted that my passport was expired. I said I had to get to the border, because of my special circumstances. We arrived at the Shumilkino Border Checkpoint, on the border between Russia and Estonia. We got off the bus for our things and documents to be checked. I went through the scanner, then to the document verification point; they told me my passport was expired, I said that I was a victim of the Orthodox-Muslim terror.

The officer was called, the rest of the passengers were sitting, waiting. So were I.

An officer came out. “Who has problems with passport?” I said that I was a victim of the Orthodox-Muslim terror, I wanted to ask for asylum at the border with Estonia, in the organization UNHCRf (United Nations Refugee Organization), the officer invited me to go with him.

What way, how do you feel pressure? I explained everything to them.

They said I needed passport, and didn’t let me go across the border. I hoped to appeal directly to the Estonian side. And there was first the Russian Border Checkpoint, then about 500 meters of the demarcation line, and then the Estonian side.

I had to walk across the border to the Estonian side, ignoring the ban, and ask for asylum, tell my story, show documents, but I was distracted.

The officer said that he found a car to go back to Izborsk.

The driver stood for a long time, waiting for something, some kind of check; in three hours, I walked to the highway, bringing my suitcase and bag. My condition, aspiration, desire to escape from this country remained at the Shumilkino Border Checkpoint. In this country, I had to kneel, as it is provided for by the Orthodox Church.


This is a collusion of the priesthood and the male population of Russia, against God and the female population of Russia, but it affected not all females.

       Some women are supposed to be scolded, oppressed spiritually, “sheared sheep”, then use the sheep for meat.

       Others are supposed to be praised, even flattered, because they had higher education, and such a woman is in the service of the Living God, not of man.

       The third type of women is intended for love, as she is a part of a living person, and who is who decides Mother Earth.


I turned out to be good shepherd, I kept the gift received in Canada, love for the Lord God Jesus Christ, this love was also for Myself. I followed the rules, so that it would not be difficult for Him to keep me in His dwelling, and everyone loved the Lord Jesus Christ and followed His rules.

Then I was turned into a sheep intended for meat. That happened only because I hadn’t known the earthly Orthodox laws. I lived in God and purity, then entered their business, and they were going to remove a competitor.


My womb was given to Kovalenko, an employee of PetroComplectService, she only sortened my children, and not only she.


There is a spiritual struggle for power and influence in the world. The Church teaches us, but does not warn about hazards.

The struggle involves mobilization of strength and mind, the world is diverse.

Religion presupposes man’s certain spiritual state of a person, moreover, different levels of ascent.

How to get around all the pits.

The church blames a person for what he gets. It calls for humility, the path with Jesus Christ is very difficult, great trials await us.

And we say that Christ came two thousand years ago, and we accepted Him, and now He is us, the question is how far we were taken away from Him.


Some say that the Temple is no home for parishioners.  This should be specified, provided for in the contract. To show our attitude to Faith. Listen to your heart, who has Him. Because, He is It.


Without the contract, we are players of opposite sides.

It is necessary to transfer with joy our heart, the house where wisdom, talents, the law,

Within this we live and move, as John of Kronstadt wrote. And this is worn by one person, in whose body our world is located, to joyfully transmit from our person to our person, for making it easier for everyone, the principal thing is that it should not be bad for others.

This Daria is not our person, she has been made by the clergy. You will not use your talents.


18.11.2022, of course, I could say, “Everything is going back to normal”. But I still continued to go to the holy church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra and write my story.

Externally, there was no reaction to my attempts to make public “My life in Christ”, why they were doing so to me, no one was going to figure it out.

Comparing. The heart, which is also the head, feelings are desires, I am truncated, I’ve been shown “my” place in Orthodoxy.

My dwelling was the lowest of all, and passed from hand to hand, at the Buddhist level, I would do three asanas, and go to the Christian temple, the holy Temple of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, but it is Orthodox

Inside there was emptiness, tears, feelings – those were desires to have been taken from me, hatred was exhaled by myself, physical education helped me, inside the snot was salty. I continued to hold on, I forced myself to go to the Christian church, which was also Orthodox one. My composition was not fixed,

My condition was changed with my legs sometimes becoming numb, the left shoulder hurt, and the right buttock joint did the same, I wanted to sleep,

in the morning I had to wake up myself to go to service, I dropped in at the Orthodox store to buy a candle.

I was being raised urgently, so that I might not be below everyone, as it was dangerous for my health. Don’t do evil anymore!

The service over, I warned our parishioners that “the priests were self-taught magicians”.


The clergy were a kind of professional association, and you came and left.

My dignity had been taken away from my daughter, they were turning her against me; they wanted to take away acquired goods from my son Stanislav, through his father, and to deprive that formation of the holy head, since I was his mother, because I had asked difficult questions for the Orthodox Church, and I got no answer.

The father of my children, that was the childbearing of the Orthodox Church, he suffered from his first marriage, as he was deprived of his heart.


I waited for about a month when they would call me to issue the old-style international passport for 5 years.

The pressure continues: and this is now


            Investigative bodies;

            my former organization Petrokomplektservice; and

            26 Granitnaya Street (this was the family of an unknown girl, whom I wanted to help a little; it was at the end of the summer, but I myself suffered spiritually; her father was a magician, she penetrated my composition, stealing my spiritual good, giving her sex, which energetically changed me.)
Those were I knew about.


24.11.2022 Today I asked for a candle in the church store, said that I had no cash about me, “Can you give it without money?” I was sent to the stall opposite the temple, where I could borrow a candle. I began to cry out that this was a violation of the law of Jesus Christ, who said, Do not turn my Father’s house into the house of commerce.

The seller said that all questions were for the clergy. And I was insisting that we shouldn't take for rules what they told us.

A parishioner began to defend the seller, said that this was not
a trade, but donations.

This is not the case, trading is where money is exchanged for goods. They didn't give me a candle without money.

I was no hero of our time, because I was no Russian, because I was strange for them

Now I could seem to be a narrow-minded woman looking for holes in the system, who had even no tears anymore.

Because I didn’t come to the Temple to work all dressed-up, I did not fulfill the law to the end, I had 100% heavenly love, but not 100% earthly one. But I did not know the earthly Orthodox laws, and there was no sin on me.


We had to pray for light souls to be accepted by the Lord, because once they had accepted everyone into their dwelling. Margarita, (May Heaven rest upon Her), the granddaughter of St. Seraphim of Vyritsky was very high spiritually; it was the dwelling for St. Seraphim of Vyritsky, which he created, and his granddaughter Margarita, whom he loved a little. She could rule the country through her grandfather's prayer. This great spiritual strength, power, influence, what St. Seraphim Vyritsky created was priceless, but HE rested, and Margarita was treated unfairly, they began to kill her spiritually, but they did not kill her completely, her dwelling was passed to a Jewess with money, because Margarita did not pray, she had a bad example.

After Comrade Stalin, Comrade Beria came, who was a Georgian Jew, and all the saints were placed below the Central Committee of the CPSU, St. Seraphim Vyretsky prayed through Comrade Beria, but Beria did not pray, and was no passage to Jesus Christ. Comrade Beria heard prayers, Seraphim, the son of the Russian land, nevertheless, there were pros and cons in this matter, he sent all the cons back to Margarita. Grandfather prays, Margarita is ill... she did not pray, they found the reason, and also she did not have much money, they gave her monastery to a Jewish woman, the wife of an official in the Central Committee of the CPSU.

The Jews began to kill Margarita spiritually, but they did not kill her completely. As a result, in 1947, Israel got its own territory, and Russia lost Alaska voluntarily given to America.

I was treated unfairly, I was good shepherd, I just kept my soul to be loved by the Lord.


Decorate yourself, arrange a holiday for yourself

Every day or once a week you have,

Oh every day!?

they say beauty will save the world, save it!

and also add the longitude and breadth of your soul,

it's so easy with Jesus Christ

Decorate yourself, arrange a holiday for yourself...

I prayed, fasted, went to services, hoped for the clergy’s good will, found a reason, and the priests wives began to spiritually kill me, transfer my space, prayers to their person, my cousin Sveta Chernyshova; she should have been against my children to be spiritually killed, “O Jerusalem, Humble Your Children!”

Jews in Russia, in my opinion, are not Jews.


Now I was told by Orthodox, that, because I went against Orthodox rules, I would always located in this world, and not in the other, even after death.


01.01.2023, after the service, again first a prayer for health, then a Memorial service for repose. I asked the sellers in the candle store how it was right, according to the ordinary, the candle-seller answered, that first for the repose, then for health.


This time, I did not approach the priests, and no one told them anything. Of course, you could consider me a narrow-minded woman looking for holes in the system. But our society was transforming into a different spiritual state, and there were no trifles there. The clergy did what they wanted.


Today, on 23.02.2023, “we don't need you with your marriage”, the priest preached his sermon, saying that the fast was ahead in order to lift up the spirit to the heavenly dwelling of Jesus Christ. But they say that His kingdom is very high, that it cannot be reached anymore, this is when you tell the mountain, and it will move. They have a dwelling shared between a man and a woman. Christ was at their wedding and turned water into wine. He descended to them, bent down, gave them not a cross, but a roof, and they allocated him the main corner on the left side. And this is the earthly dwelling in the name of Jesus Christ. We do not know the earthly laws of how to acquire Jesus Christ, and therefore we have suffered

Our saints will end up with this woman.

She is an earthly woman, she has her own family, sinful or not, suppose, suppose she is sitting incorrectly.

How he came to Jesus, how he suffered, how he found the kingdom, no one knows

We have not read His Gospel. We did not join his Order, we did not sign the contract, I was or wasn’t

It was difficult life for them, there was not enough money. They work for our talents. He collects them, he doesn't give them away.

Their main work is prayer, and the more you give time to God, the more God is in you. And thus the celestial city of cohabitation "Orthodox Country" is formed, and this country is above our country.

The priest prays, invoking the holy Spirit, the only source he has is a parishioner, the inside of a person, because he does not have a "horn" to pierce the heavenly firmament and reach God.













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