It could have happened to everyone, but it happened to me.

7 2023




For three and a half years, from May, two thousand and five to November, two thousand and eight, I lived with my family in Canada, I became a inspired person, live made me much better. Came to Russia, a religious society, could not accept me, such as I became , corrected, perfect, lady


We are forgiven We are baptized We are born again  And yet we are still alive here We carry His body, His spirit, His soul, His law in our chest


In Russia, I would not have felt so much love because I had it only in my loins


I got married just because of I wanted to have children.


The heart of the spouse was closed, in a previous marriage he suffered severe mental losses. My soul in marriage still  was  lonely.


In Canada, my soul find her a brightroom ....




In summer 1978 , I was baptized, in a chapel on the church's territory , which is somewhat similar to a bathhouse, I remember: dark walls, lit candles, priests in vestments, I am in shorts, my arms are folded on my chest, I am embarrassed, eight years old, my brother Maksimka is three years old.


Then I left the chapel, went to the exit, looked back, was seen,  a  tall white bell tower and a spire.


"My mother"  I loved her very much.


She  was very strong, but why did she have so much rage against me?


 her condition: work, Bing, husband. She comes home from work tired, there is a mess, a wave of irritation, brings anger, and there is a cry, "war".


Mother without love,

war or slave,


We are still children of war


Where to get blissful calmness, heart is brought up on other ideals, "you must to do it". But how to ask, and request was fulfilled with joy? It is only through the love of Jesus Christ.


There were times of the USSR.

The church was unseen.


Perents' faith is conscience, truthiness, honor...and love, they have always waited...


They did not go to the temple, for them the temple is a priests candles, icons, darkness, ritual, fear.


And if something was needed in the church, the priests did not welcome the labor class.

Baptized? Baptized, here's a candle.


They placed a candle near of the icon,

The candle tell the story, The candle prayed,The candle crying trembling

Then faster flame, the stronger the prayer




 By Revolution,   

We built our own new world, Who was nothing, became everything, We turned it upside down 


And they began to build a workers-and-peasants ' state

The favor of Heaven was needed,

So that it was not only, out of duty but out of love.

they couldn’t hold out for a long time They didnt build Temples to the God of their fathers, truth, conscience and honor


For  Orthodox church the Soviet Union was the Enemy, from the thirties, and until now. The Soviet government nationalized or took away church property and transferred it to the state.


They were not loved by Heaven of Jesus Christ. They are far from Him, they do not pray to ANYONE, they went to another countryside, where the source of the human insides, his willpower, the desire for good, MAN SOURCE, MAN POWER


The leder was the PROLETARIAN, HE had  to pray to Jesus Christ so that his strength  would bigger, which would then, turn into the highest love, But PROLETARIAN only knew Lenin , He love, takes care of them, he is very smart, knows 3 languages  the priests only prayed for themselves.


Adolf came to take over the territory. Set our own rules, Which we do not know, We chose the greater of two evils, but we never collected flowers for Adolf


But Russia is still suffering from the Second World War,

A woman in Russia, still "consumable materials"


We have a great debt to the Motherland,

No one oppresses the labor class,

Free medicine,

Free education,

Lets live and  enjoy,

and they do not succeed,

instead of prayer, food only,

Just the food of the earth helped them,

They did not know the  food of Haven


Wanted justice, heaven on earth,

but strong rage, instead of strong love


But the newspaper "Truth" was subscribed, that it is good that is bad they know, they saw where black is, where white is, there is a conscience."...........


My father was a Proletarian, the priests did not even touch his heard  and did not give  a cross into His mind:

Work, home, and yet, he very tired and wants to watch news program "Time"


my mother sewed  me costumes for the holidays, she wanted me to be the best, and of course, loved me too.


Love it is movies we watched,  their heroes were our ideals


As a child, I always loved someone. With love, it was brighter in my environment, love helped me to live.


In 1983 year 6 gread I was engaged in athletics, javelin throwing, I had a lot of physical strength


In 1986 I was taken to a sports boarding school, in the eleventh grade I got a sports injury, it was painful to throw a spear.


In 1990, i had an operation, "replaced the cruciate and lateral ligaments" of the left knee joint , with NATURAL ones


On December 6, 1996, I was married, simply because of I wanted to have children.


The husband's heart was closed. In the previous marriage, he suffered heavy emotional losses, but  may soul continued to be lonely.


He sinned, repented, Lord God, accepted His prayer and came to Him,


But he was not native to his relatives  he was not loved in the family.


But Igor suited me because he didn't drink nor smoke


He lived with parents and sister's family. Only 6 people in a two-room apartment. 


I lived in a room, a communal apartment


I was 26 years old, teacher of physical education.


He was 30 years old, a private entrepreneur, published on the Internet an electronic computer magazine "Classic-info"


I knew that friendship is the main thing for keeping family, I helped him earn money, and between us there was interest. ut at the entrance to the temple, we were not crossed together, and he did not sing songs to me.


 My husband had only such love for me


In August 1997 we gave birth to their son Stanislav


In December 1998, we  gave birth to a daughter, Yulia


In 2000, We got married in the church  (because, internally, he hated me) I did not have a university education.


The husband worked as a system administrator.


In October 2001, we organized a company for refilling cartridges, I am the general director, I help him get a littele more money, Then I was loved only with money.


I didn't know what it meant, home for the wife ,


Was out of the house, was not a wife

I loved my  job .. refilled cartridges, looked for customers


The organization began to bring a small income, having two small children it was DIFFICULT.


In 2004, the son went to the first grade, the German school PeterSchule


May 4, 2005 Moved to Canada


And on the other side of the globe, the air is different, the environment is different.


I had to find a job in order to buy a house or an apartment.


We began to visit the Orthodox Church on Sundays.

priests , we will be married,

I was surprised; I said that we were already married.


2006 Enrolled in retraining courses,


I entered a school where the choice was offered training in the most required specialties,


I studied to become a system administrator for cisco, a large load of Books in English. There were information connections, Cisco enters into my mind and the teacher's love and interest in the subject. Quite recently, I told myself that I would never love anything again.


And here is his love and interest in the subject in my heart and in HIM. But Oh, these information connections, I passed exams .. well


Very deeply struck my heart, the arrow of love, was filled with only love.


I even wrote a letter and said - I love you. But he said, I'm sorry, and I went to the Church


I was very worried, I had to leave school, I stayed at home with the children Stasik went to the second grade, Yulia went to the first grade


After this incident, I always prayed, read the Gospel, fasted, did physical exersises . So my love for a person passed into the abode of Jesus Christ.


I have changed, I have become much better: Jesus, giver of those who ask, give me weeping for my sins. Jesus, gain of those who seek, find my soul. Jesus, Rejector of those who interpret, open my wretched heart. Jesus Redeemer of sinners, cleanse my iniquities. Jesus son of God, have mercy on me.


For me, the world turned upside down, I felt that I was loved by Heaven, and this was an invaluable gift for me.


I had to pray to remember and feel, and it was easier for Him to keep me in His monastery.


What is a sol?  

It is a note,   

A note and more,  

Salt is the cornerstone laid in the base of your home

To be prayed for, to be salted, to be sanctified, to be saved,  

What is salt is a  note and not only,  

It's prayer of yours


2008, studied at Seneco College, studied Photoshop software. I found a job as a web designer, but spiritually it was hard.


In November 2008, my children and I returned to Russia, then my husband arrived.


In Russia, the husband began to adjust to the former person, in the heart of only work and nothing else


Resisted, held the soul that the Lord loved,


I wanted my children to be in  my heart and this love for Christ to continue to live in me


in January 2009, organized the Firm "RossBusinessService"


In 2011, Sveta divorced her second husband and ran away to a monastery, because during their marriage, the first wife of her ex-husband died, she loved her husband, but Sveta was his mistress, he chose her.


 July 27, 2011, the spirit comes home with him, and begins to spiritually put pressure on my head, invade my spiritual field “to attack”, I start to pray the spirit departs, when I stop the spirit attacks, my soul is simply removed from the body, I cry, I pray scared my husband is standing and looking, I want to run out of the apartment, my ex-husband is blocking my way, I ask him to leave, he doesn’t leave, the spirit continues to attack, it hurts, I start to pray, and so the ex-husband just stands and looks for two hours. Then, the Spouse told me, now go through life without me, I had to pick up the application the next day. The crown of the head is affected


I worked as a physical education teacher at school


I worked for a year in school 196 in the place of a teacher who was on maternity vocation. Assessing what was happening, the teachers, communicating with me, received from me a new "head" - God, became spiritually much higher. Another network, space, abode appeared.

The teachers felt that they entered to my space, but I did not show any kind, But they were spiritually opposite, by the Orthodox Church, simply because of:

  1. Did not participate in the social life of the school, hard physically and spiritually
  2. Income is not so high
  3. Husband dislikes so much
  4. I live in two-room apartment  "Krushovke"
  5. Who am I, to get those  status through me?
  6. they don't know me well
  7. I earn 13 thousand rubles.

only the church should have this "Cake with the love of Jesus Christ'.

Yes, I read Orthodox Christian prayers, and this is traditionally a national heritage. no one is forbidden to read them, she visited the temple on Sundays


There is a lot of envy in the world, But I came to the church


In 2014, I went to my cousin Svetlana Chernyshova, in married  Fokina, to the village of Zhabry in the Pskov region, she had already lived for 3 years at the Church of the Mother of God according to the monastic charter together with thr nun Mikhaila (God rest her Soul) and two sisters Nadezhda and Valentina.


I lived with them for 1 month and wanted to stay with them, the decision was very deeply realized. The nun Mikhaila (kingdom of Heaven) agreed to take me, I even called my family and told them about it.


It was very difficult, but I understood that it would  more difficult to save my love  in the world, my husband did not love me,  I was fired from work..


But Vladyka did not bless mysellf, he said "go raise children" until adulthood.              


Work directed at the temple


I said, "they don't pay enough there", he told me "well, what can we do"?,


I agreed,  In the church we do not go for money


I returned to the family, Yulia is 16 years old, Stas is 18 years old


In October 2014, I went to work in the refectory of the Alexandra-Nevsky Lavra as a cleaner, I cleaned the refectory and I was paid money for the work.


In the morning, the Service, and then I went to work, “you can work with God in any specialty”, I humbled myself


But for me it was a continuation of my monastic life.


Here I am in the world, with a monastic charter, I'm going with my own


I kept my soul that the Lord God loved


They were afraid because in spirit they began to love me like Jesus Christ and hate me with envy and malice.


And the priesthood began to judge not by work but by pocket


They began to set my husband against me, as if I were a bad mother, I earn little and ruin my Christian Temple, they have their own families


The world tried to accept me, a reformed perfect lady, but they couldn't because the church set a bad example.


The family was not just


There is more love for God in the church, they have a spiritual district, 10 commandments, everything is very complicated in the world, Christian commandments are only the first bricks, the rest of the spiritual laws are very important, we do not know them .. In a non-church world, the world is not Christian


Specialty, social strata, everyone is equal before God, but only before Him


We are happy with all the holy priesthoods of my husband, because they entered the palace of my soul, he is not a priest


Happy we were not needed, the Sveshchennikov have their own families


“But the husband does not love you, from heart to heart,” perhaps in a previous marriage he suffered severe mental losses. It was necessary to heal his spiritual wounds: But we are separated, and there is no bridge between us, He unites everyone, moving up vertically, his love for God the Father, horizontally - our social strata, our level of love for Him Cross, the starting point where is the center? In your loins? Or in your heart?


Restore a spouse, Correct, Re-baptize, save him, give him, just a little of that love, to the Lord my God And we would be saved


But they didn't want to make us a Happy family, happiness is the limit Found the reason:


I had to leave the family, go to my mother to live, she loved me a little,


I didn’t leave, I continued to live in the family, then I HAVE CHILDREN, I AM A MOTHER


My source is my soul and His teaching


In order to continue working in the Temple, I had to go to live with my mother, so that I would not be, but only had my source, in their temple.


And in the Temple, the Spiritual District is so, at the head of his father, I had to be a part of them, which they ruled behind the scenes, to the glory of God their father. Released from the yoke of my Jesus Christ, they would give their yoke


The priesthood didn’t love me, I wasnt from my husband I wanted to continue to feel love, to be from God and not from my husband, my husband didnt love me What would be out of love and not just out of duty,


They began to be wary: • first, hostility, she probably atones for sins from women of easy virtue;  second, they want to use our love for their own selfish purposes, as the above mentioned do; Spit in our soul


They love only their own, Bread, fish offered, Soft to their people, sorry, but were low, Because they could not love, And the people loved them in advance, Fathers served their God, They took the cross on themselves, but did not understand, did not feel, did not They knew Him, But now the people pierced their hearts And they showed themselves, showed their true attitude towards their people ..


I clarify, I lived in Russia for 5 years before coming to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra


I could not stop going to services because I felt opposition. If I stopped going, then my Christianity was quickly taken from me, all the more so how many such unknown soldiers were, who were freed from their great love, and there is no reference to the heart that loved so much.


We are closed from Christ by church ministers, it is beneficial for them to rule over us, control our minds and souls, because God our father is not God their father


There are two ways to God, as they say: From the inside, these are “not those who saw, but those who are from Him” They are strong and God is even stronger .. Outside, Make a show, do a deed, the Lord will see and put his heart to you ..


But I continued to go to the Services of Christ


and so I brought my heart every morning for 5 years to the service. .


On this state of love the kingdom of heaven was built


I came to the temple like a terrible court


They condemned me for the sins of my youth


But it should not be in the Temple, much less in our hearts. And the Heart is the head of the Abyss


Investigation to the core.


But the Lord our Father is Higher and stronger But we live in the world, we are worldly


Christ came into the world


Violation of the tenth commandment do not envy Violation of the first commandment do not conjure


We must serve the Lord God, and they must keep Him


Church ministers said that the worldly should not be above them Because we do not love each other, And we say, living in the world, the main thing is not to do evil anymore Jesus Christ, This is a common pie with love You love only each other, You have a specific task Earthly care for you Dana, take care of the condition of the temple,


keep history, teach, enlighten if you can, keep yourself, but do not bury others


They convey to us only earthly things, the student is higher than the teacher


I went to the Baltic baths, in the morning the bell rings, Sveta rings, says “Priest Alexander died, pray for him.” He is on me, I am running the temple. I did not know him very well, his legs were not healthy, he wore a vest, of course, Jesus Christ was in him, but Sveta gave me his earthly.


The soul is given from God, God must be above us, Learn the student, live and remember ..


Dissatisfied with coming to services, they often began to prohibit, behind the scenes, Spiritual wealth at night to take away. Forces, Potential.. Through spiritual implantation to do worse. But I continue to go to the holy temple of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra to the Lord my God and the Mother of God, Now they live in this temple because they pray to them all the time, And I became their companion


The fathers began to investigate. Where did she come from, how did she come to the Temple


Mother is alone, she goes to the Temple only on major holidays.


And here is the Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God where I lived for only a month, my cousin Sveta, now Mother Olga. She is ours, you can trust her and give my heart, ours, to her.


They arbitrarily and arbitrarily decided to transfer my heart, Easter mood, spiritually ruin, transfer it to my cousin Sveta, she does not mind ...


Easter mood ahead of time, Easter mood in the middle of Lent, Easter mood is a good burden, Easter mood would always be like this * * Easter time-Easter Time


Raise her, lower me


They began to make a hero out of her and a traitor (apostate, infidel) out of me just because she serves in the church, the Pskov Patriarchate


All my “silk” was given to a servant of the Church, because only servants of the Church can have such love for Jesus Christ. and I stole this spiritual treasure ..


And in the future, everything that I prayed for 9 years, they wanted to make it me and then transfer my heart to my person, I am for them, a stranger, not a church, worldly.


I was baptized in the summer of 1978


In the summer, in July, we went to see our father at the cemetery in Fishnevo, on the way we stopped at Zhabry to visit Sveta, They had a new resident Galina


The nun Nadezhda said about me “well, why did they bring her to us”, but I left for St. Petersburg


Change my husband spiritually, we only raise children together. He was given a blessing for a separate life, because I snore, but this is not so, we began to live separately.


Became more alienated from her husband


In college, Yulia was known, she is a very good student, Fira Nikolaevna, my mother-in-law became part of my daughter, through the money that her son and my ex-husband paid for their studies, distributed it, Yulia My daughter. After the change of profession, 1/6 remained from the father. He didn't want to pay for college, but he had to. For money he received Yulina DATA and passed it on to his sister Tnechka Tarasova-Vakhayuova. Julia was stripped of honor by order of her husband Vakhabov. The college went into a "trance" they began to dislike Yulia. Then Zlata appeared, she entered my daughter's inner circle as a friend, took her DATE and betrayed her. The Tarasovs then refused to pay their college tuition. Klimochkina, my classmate, took Yulina's love of learning under her daughter. Yulia's virginity is with her friend Masha and her mother, a beautician.We met when Yulia went to volleyball and were preparing a shift for the Koment St. Petersburg team. I went into Julia's room to ask how the day went.A wave of irritation, "Come out", I ask the question again, comes up and starts to push out of the room. I endured, But now I decided to show that I can educate differently. She began to resist, a small skirmish ensued. Knocking on the heart, Knocking on the will of just for a moment, the rest is someone else's After this incident, Yulia turned to PND No. 5, In PND they brought a card to her and also began to spiritually ruin. The soul began to change


They asked for a blessing for a divorce, the spiritual father of the wife, father Maxim, said that this is a SIN, we do not give a blessing for a divorce


And I ended up there where love turns into indifference, through my husband they began to ruin me


And the husband of the children brought up only the ruble


I keep my soul just go to the morning services, and this love helped me all the same in everything good.


I come, from the Service I am sublime and airy, I open my door Good morning to you saying, Peace to this house, Peace to you I give My


But only after the Service I can speak with children from soul to soul, but it’s not easy for them, I was in Heaven and now on Earth. Now my wooden cross


The end of the service, the Song of the Psalter, bows, shining eyes, The open sky of the domes, And you can hear the quiet breathing of the icons


And again below zero, Where only money and words pass from heart to heart


They took off the silk They took off the matting And again naked .. I


They and we, we and they They are not us We are not They Children, Money It is our business, And they are stronger with God They will go to God the Father And we will go to the children Children our future They are ready to give their lives for the Lord We also ... Paradise wanted to build on earth But we couldn't do it without love We lived by this idea Peace to the world War to the world A stranger A stranger among our own A friend among strangers


But I continue to go to the Holy Temple of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra


If it were a worldly simple organization, but this is a Christian Orthodox,


December 18, 2016 In order not to divorce us, I gave half of my part of the apartment to my ex-husband, having drawn up a Marriage Agreement


In Canada, I received the New Testament and returned to Russia they give the Old Testament, they began to judge for the sins of my youth and look at the family who is the mother, is there property, prosperity


Big and happy we enter the temple, repent and bow for the sins of your parents, they began to spiritually unite me with my mother


And they are judging, they were spiritually thrown from Heaven to Earth, they were looking for foundations, we are not in Heaven on Earth, are we? Husband doesn't love and we can't. began to ruin MY FAMILY It is not a sin not to love in the Orthodox faith, they are saints according to the law, The world is in sin and we lie in it, we tell you, we say, do not say so, your word is not alive, it does not live in us But the Lord Father ours Higher and stronger But we live in the world we are worldly I. Christ came into the world Violation of the tenth commandment do not envy we must serve the Lord God


And they must keep it


Physical education helped me, I just breathed out the hatred of my husband, which he received from the fathers and their mothers, and unnecessary feelings, we have not lived together for a long time. We only raise children


They get fired from their jobs for reasons beyond their control.


I could not work in the office, I needed fresh air. I went to work at the post office, the work is physically difficult, but with prayer it’s getting easier: Mother of God Virgin, rejoice, Blessed Mary, the Lord is with YOU, blessed are you in wives and blessed is the fruit of your womb, as if you gave birth to the Savior, Thou art our souls ..


I came after delivery to the post office, there was more God in me


this state was transmitted to the collective.


Before work, she went to services in the Lavra, so she kept herself,


but the team was not happy, in order to continue working I had to become a part of them and I was a part of Jesus Christ


Fired .. found the reason


My heart was passed on to the sisters with whom I lived for 1 month at the Church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Zhabory, they did not want to take me again, because


They told me I said I'm not responsible for anything They are like that and I'm the same


Sveta is not a good person, outwardly a holy soul, but she does not love in spirit, and takes away grace, but they say that spiritual wealth and a thief does not steal and aphids do not undermine ..


The spirit and the soul are at different poles, it happens to everyone when a person comes to the temple And there is no disagreement between the spirit and the soul, when the tongue is honey, but the heart is bad.


We are in the porch, not in the Temple. And then the whole world is a theater and we are actors in it. When sincerely, the heart is the head. Gotta love with your head


THERE IS NO SECOND BOTTOM How to achieve agreement between the soul and spirit, when everything is sincere, otherwise we remain in the porch, and we will not enter the temple.


Love the enemy? Love your sincere when he is higher


I turned to Him, but it’s difficult to walk now, destroyed by resistance, and faith in justice, and now where love should be, now snot and my left hand hurts


When two years passed, I had to go to the monastery, children, students, they need me, I continue to raise children, (mostly I cleaned and cooked at home, went to church and prayed for my family) And the sisters did not want to see me


They knew that they were ruining me spiritually, Mother Light, forbade them to hang out with me.


I listened to the sermon to Christ, I said "In truth" I turned and went the way of my life to Him Or is this the lot of only the elect?


And now, resentment, guilt, emptiness, do not forgive anything heart soul shorten God will forgive, He forgives everyone, He lets go of all debts The area of \u200b\u200bmy heart Resentment and there must be love Forgive and it will not be


The fathers influence me through the family, my husband keeps me away from himself, goes to church alone, says that it’s impossible for me together, we begin to sort things out. Through him they continue to ruin me spiritually, and everyone said yes, that's right, good, she stole this heart, the question is how?Yulia's soul does not agree, get out of the soul, take the obedient


Relatives followed the bad example of the clergy and began to set the children against me, because. I earn little money. I began to hear you interfere with life, from my husband, they say go live with Mom.


I saw extreme disrespect from my husband because I didn’t earn much


The soul of Stanislav, he loved his father, Tarasov and. Y. Passed his love to the teacher of mathematics, Staska even said, "I love you", but t said, "I love you too", Staska was an excellent student,


Stas moved into our former room


I'm with Julia in a big, ex-husband in the kitchen


Stas did not like our two-sleeping sofa, he took it down to the trash


I raised the two-sleeping sofa again to the 4th floor, I understood that my life was collapsing, I put a large room on my side, but I never found the sidewalls


I went to Zhabry for the weekend, ate a herring on the bus,


There was a holiday in Zhabry, there were many guests from Porokhov and also from St. Petersburg - Ira and her friends.


I came back, my sofa is still not there, the garbage dump is empty


The next day, it hurt to take a deep breath, instead of the strength of the pain.


I tried to talk about it with Sveta, but she walked away from the conversation.


the pain in the lower part of the body intensified, I could not walk, I had to lie down for 3 days.


Julia is crying, I can't go to the computer.


For Yulia, it was a strong psychological trauma, she studied so much, and as a result, she has no education.


I decided to raise funds myself 48 thousand rubles to pay for the seventh trimester, to ask relatives for 10,000 thousand rubles. As a result: Tanya Tarasova said there was no money; Aunt Lipa said she couldn't; Maxim said he would try to find; Mom said help; Fira Nikolaevna didn't even open the door; I did not collect money, Yulia refused to study


Julia is dismantled, everything sacred is taken away for her, her head was taken and now they are making her a sinner .. (The head is her profession, architecture) The father whom she loved betrayed her, and relatives from his side.


Subsequently, Yulia even turned to the Psycho-Neurological Dispensary No. 5 of the Krasnogvardeisky District


The decision was made in the church, by the spiritual father Maxim, the temple of the "Miraculous Image" on Konyushennaya Square, to divorce and ruin me, to transfer all my love to my husband, because they did not go to church together, but it was only an excuse. Father Maxim and his family were from me.He ruined me and my children, through my husband, helped him spiritually recover from a mental trauma, from his first marriage, created a monastery in him, he does not mind He had no spiritual space but had diplomas of higher education because I allegedly snore, Father Maxim blesses the spouse sleeps separately, the spouse sleeps in the kitchen. Julia is spiritually united with her father, "would love the rest will follow." They sat, she put her head on his shoulder, he didn’t even hug her, he sat like a stranger, he would have hugged her, said, “You are already big with me, its time to marry you off.” but he was silent. Father Maxim passed on, to Igor Yuryevich, the neo-father, Yulin's soul.He entered my spiritual space differently. where my love for Jesus Christ lived, my friends, my enemies, many teachers, and their husbands, and mother-in-law Fira Nikolaevna, but she is our enemy, she brought not love for me, into Yulias soul Father, Igor Yuryevich brought her to the middle of the third year. We were divorced Zlata appeared, she entered Yulia's space, Yulia began to fail in her studies, She became her best friend. This is the granddaughter of a church minister. The neo-father betrayed Yulin's soul, did not pay for education.Entered into an agreement with the Orthodox Church. Yulia does not go to practice, in a Jewish-Jewish organization, she is not allowed in, they are in collusion looking for their own, Igor Yuryevich says, Yulia does not want to study and she did not go to study. I went to borrow money from relatives for 10 thousand rubles. Tanya Tarasova-Vakhabova said there was no money; Mom said help; Maxim said that he would allegedly help, but he began to set up his mother not to give money, Fira Nikolaevna did not even open the door to set up Yulia not to continue studying; 10 thousand mine; She contributed funds only for the first month, Yulia did not go to study, 6 months before her diploma, she goes on academic leave, goes to work at Watsons. The neofather is taking the exam 1C Professional They are in collusion with them, they have a deal, the Orthodox priesthood entered the temple of my soul, appropriated it and cut my heart in two, betraying me to my man, my cousin Sveta Chernysheva, she is mother Christina, she does not mind me ruin, is silent, avoids meeting. I've been turned into something, but I'm still alive. Igor Yuryevich is given my love for money 155 rubles, he transfers daily, supposedly helps. They gave Julia a hatred for Architecture through her teacher, college teacher Galina Alexandrovna Grebenshchikova. Julia is devoted to Vakhabov and his family. I talk with Vakhabov, he begins to ruin more, I go to the Mula of the St. Petersburg Cathedral Mosque, I draw up a petition in addition to 1000 rubles. I pass and run away, because I was without a veil and I also know little about this religion.Still didn't help. A year later, there is also no desire to study, Yulia took the documents from the college and left. Two years later, she forced herself to return to college, they didnt expect her, Igor Yuryevich, she didnt want to pay for her studies, but she had to, the pressure continued, she forced herself to study. My children all their lives, like barge haulers, must drag their belongings, and they are our saints, enlightened but not circumcised in heart. in continuation of the Jewish theme, Jewish domination continues, And this is the Orthodox Church, it tempts you, and you are tempted, take which example they show.Yulia is doing an internship at the Petersburg-Restoration organization. She came by acquaintance, from my brother Maxim, he makes amends because he did not offer the funds that he had and needed to pay for under the contract of training for Julia for the seventh trimester. This organization does not like Yulia, they give her an uninteresting job, but she is afraid to look for something else, after the Jewish-Jewish, first practice, they ruined her greatly and gave her potential to Zlata. Her neofather Tarasov I. Yu. The customer, in the contract for training, transfers Yulia's knowledge -DATU, to her sister Tarasova Tanya, for the money she pays, Yulia is ruined For two years, Yulia, Vakhabov and his family, they ruined her very much, turned her away from studying , if only she didnt study, didnt return her knowledge - DATU, Tanya Tarasova and her family, and this is her daughter, her son, For two years, the information space of the college passed to Yulina aunt Tarasova Tanya. She does not take Yulia, turns her soul away from architecture, only so that she does not study, does not return DATE to herself. If only she was unhappy, she has a limit to happiness.Now Yulia is being connected with an employee from the contract department, he has arthrosis, it threatens us, we will get arthrosis in the future. her father did not love her, he was divorced from her matter, she did not like architecture because of her, her husband divorced her. As a result, the daughter inherited from her father's space, an Architect with arthrosis, so that her mother would not bring hatred for the profession to her father and would not take away potential, would not be better. Tanya probably wants to make Yulia Valentina. If only she didnt take the potential from her, didnt return DATE, wasnt happy.Tanya Tarasova is the aunt of Yulia Tarasova to my daughter. Our joints began to hurt. I'm against. We are very low spiritually, we were ruined in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Aunt Tanya turns Yulia's soul away from architecture, Yulia is not interested, we are being deprived of our profession.


The family of the sister of my ex-husband Tatyana Tarasova


He is Alexander Vahabov, sublime, refined, genius, Muslim, Skinny as "koshchey"


She is Tatyana Tarasova, his sheep, insidious, kindness itself is outside, bile flows over the edge to her fellow slaves.


Children Anna and Nikita their salvation, everything is for them


My children Julia and Stanislav are expendable material for them


And Staska, under Nikita Vakhabov, who works at the stock exchange, takes energy from him at night


Stas is 22 years old, he is worried that he does not have a girlfriend in life, only dad who takes his feelings, gives indifference to life




I am divorced, the Temple in which we got married and went on Sundays divorced us


for love, I received a bride Love the enemy, but the enemy became even greater Pray for your enemies, bless them


But in a world that is not united by a great common goal, now other laws


Yes, they do not take away my housing, they take away my life from me, they judge by karma, and not by deeds


They want me to forget my story, Jesus Christ, to become the same, because I do not serve in the church, I am among you in the world, but with a very circumcised heart, now it is again only in the loins, but physical education helps me


Since the sisters are enlightened through me, I am their spiritual mother, their source, my gut,


Light is now the source itself, the monastery created on my bones the hearts of the Fathers of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra and the Wives of many dedicated people there. that mother said that she freed me from "Charm" The church oppresses me, turned my life into something, they try to disqualify me, remove me, first spiritually then physically, because I interfere with many: 14 people and these are only those whom I know them my insides are transferred to their abode, they dug a hole for me and got there,


the lower I am the worse they are. But the church does not want to admit that they did such a bad thing to me as a worldly woman. worldly people do not enter the church, they only “graze” them in the porch - they feed, the question is who wins.


The worldly are not included in the higher Church, this is the flock for the Shepherd, and the flock is his spiritual children whom the Shepherd does not love, in fact, because in the world again love is only in the loins now ..


All this is from the field of psychology, we are realists, we need facts, figures, evidence,


Psychology, the science of the soul, and what is the soul is our conscience, a spark of God, a drop of the Virgin


God is an invisible spirit, omnipotent, We pray to him and He comes Heals and we believe He is in us


Lavra knew me as a cleaner, but as I wrote this job for me was not for money at the temple, mainly for women, only for cleaning,


LLC "PetroKomplektServis" Me and my ex-husband are the creators, founders of this organization that was founded before we moved to Canada


Work was hard


But PetroKomplektService continues to work, my brother Maxim is the director there, it is located close to the Lavra


So after the service, I sometimes went to PetroKomplektService, I wanted to find my new place there, because I understood that it would be difficult to find something else to earn money. But the employees of this organization hated me in vain (for nothing)


The priests understood this and began to spiritually intrude into this organization to the employees of PetroKomplektService, Kovalenko N. Lapteva N. Bezgodova Natalya to transfer my mother, my spiritual family, they do not mind ...


Happy we were not needed, They did not want to make us a Happy family and save the former Spouse


They divorced us and took our love for themselves, they have their own families


For a period of six years in the monastery at the Church of the Protection of the Mother of God, the nun Nadezhda married, now she is expecting a child. The nun Galina lives in the world, Mother Mikhaila, she is the nun Anna, her kingdom of heaven died. The nun Alexandra came, now, only my sister Sveta ( she is also nun Christina, nun Olga, tinderbox Fatina) and nun Alexandra live at the Church of the Protection of the Mother of God, the village of Zhabry, Pskov Region.


Result. They firmly believe in the bad, then they look for a reason for punishment and do not find it. Investigation to the depths of the soul, cut down to the root, earthly foundation, put an equal sign and say believe it's you.


There is no joy for a person, Spiritual wealth is taken away, gold is love. They open the casket of our soul through Jesus Christ, they take everything they want from there, put their own order there. They invade the family, thereby ruining it, supposedly for the worthy, in their opinion ..


Why are you like this? But we are spiritually rich, you say.


But it's not yours, it's our family, we deserve it,


And we live in the world, we are not servants of the temple, we are not our own for you, like Jesus Christ, He came into the world


Yes, I am the daughter of a seamstress-cleaner, is it all the same to you ?!


You meet by clothes according to your specialty, but see you off by what?


The Lord is high, He descended into hell And ascended to His Father And you didn’t live in hell, To each his place, You took your place And we dont mind, but only with God, You took God from us, He gave his life for us, And you give our lives for yours. Who is your God?


Shut up pretend, put on the vestment Until they see you through But better Put on the vestment and believe that it's you


Parishioners are assigned to the monastery according to their specialty


Then everything that is not necessary in their opinion is taken away, they leave in the monastery of the temple: A sip of faith; A little memory of the children; A little joy, surprise by nature;


In the world, spiritual wealth is taken away, everything is equally divided, and this is our Church, parish;


The goals did not match, I was saved, I still had to be saved


In 2019, I worked as couriers, delivered Delovoy Petersburg, this is a part of the city between the Moscow Gate and Frunzenskaya metro stations, the Novo-Devichy Monastery is also located there. and height


I went to the Investigative Bodies of the Russian Federation,


This organization is located directly opposite the monastery, I constantly walked past them when I walked along the route, they know me I wrote a Statement that I can’t find a job in my specialty, because in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra I was spiritually ruined and (they prevent me from finding a job in my specialty ) that divorced, squeezed out and thrown out, the answer was something like this, “We are investigating cases in which there are victims,


And you are all alive, healthy, there are no victims, what kind of witchcraft?.They officially replied after 2 weeks, - "Contact the Employment Center"


They tore me to pieces, you are wrong, remember what we were striving for and what we came to. To communism!!!


Age of Post Revolutionary, Age of Post Conscientious


In August 2020, in order to work as an assistant educator, she must receive a certificate from the PND (psycho-neurological dispensary)


When applying to the dispensary No. 5 of the Krasnogvardeisky district. I passed several tests, and began to fill out a questionnaire of 350 questions, at first they offered me 500 questions, then they stopped at three hundred and fifty.It was the end of the working day, I went to buy food. Since I was carrying a questionnaire and a helium pen in my left hand, the questionnaire was accidentally soiled with a pen, I returned and asked for a clean questionnaire, I was told that there was nothing to worry about, the answers could be sorted out anyway, I continued.


When asked if I could continue tomorrow, since it was evening, there was no time, I was told you can, I filled out 115 questions every day in my free time from my main affairs.


The next day, the deputy chief physician for medical work refused to issue a certificate and suggested that I undergo treatment in a day hospital. When asked what reason she had, she said, "because you filled out the questionnaire for three days," I said, "With your consent." conclusions are made on the basis of objective data. And got a job offer. I came again to dispensary No. 5 of the Krasnogvardeisky district in order to ask where my honey was in the dispensary. card, I have never asked for help in a dispensary


The manager began to ask about the family, which was not related to my question, I did not open the information. Two other doctors were also present.But after I felt (psychological influence), namely fear and insecurity, I had to say quite harshly that they were wrong, that they had not given me a certificate, I never asked for help from a neuropsychiatric dispensary, (another time when I came, said that the card was falsified.) I was asked to wait in the corridor. While they confer "what to do with me," I told me there was no time to wait, and left.


The Church should reveal all the information to us, we are waiting. The 21st year has begun, the 21st century has entered into force, the world is changing, the Soviet camp is fading away, only the Orthodox world remains (but the Christian word was shortened), there is no His love in the temple, we are all very low for His love, only Our love for Him and these are laws and rules, we do not know about them, the 10 commandments are the main bricks, and what does Orthodoxy mean without Christianity?


We are waiting for changes, We are waiting, but they begin to act on our minds and souls, goals are blurred, priorities are changing. "They will drive with the right, we are on the right. They will drive with the left, we are on the left."


I even filed an application to the court (to recognize the formation of a sect, to stop the spiritual ruin of my family, to recover moral damage) I suffered spiritually because I did not know their rules. I am a parishioner of the Holy Temple of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Zueva Natalya Viktorovna, for 5 years I went to the Lavra every day, prayed for the health of my family, daughter Yulia, son Stanislav, ex-husband Igor, as a result, I am subjected to spiritual ruin by the defendant because, laws in the temple are not Christian, my family is ruined Not fulfilling the duties of the church to a member of the church (I prayed, hoped, believed, endured, the Fathers of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra condemned me without recognizing me) I was divorced from my husband, despite the fact that I gave my ex-husband part of my apartment after 20 years of marriage, (see Marriage Agreement) The recognition of the church marriage as invalid occurred only a year later, but the priest Thomas did not divorce me, there was no answer to the request for the timing of the spiritual divorce (see Request Spiritual divorce) Daughter Julia, left college 6 months before graduation, "Dad" refused to pay tuition, referring to the fact that Yulia does not want to; (Extract from the college) They refuse me to work in my specialty; (see Job Referrals) Son Stas, 22 years old, he worries that he does not have a girlfriend, only his dad who takes his feelings, gives indifference to life;Relatives, seeing the bad example of the clergy of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, followed him; I PLEASE THE COURT: Recognize that the fathers and parishioners of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra form a sect and not a Christian parish, Stop the spiritual ruin of my children and mine, which was organized by the Fathers of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra through lay and church people;


Now my abode is very simple, There is a court There is my prayer, which is very bad, because I am low and there is a lot above me .. and there is also physical education


You can say that it just seems to you, but if so, then everything around us is just a mirage, In fact, this does not exist, like you, He does not see you, just like you do Him now ..


In the definition “not subject to this judgment”, because it is not visible?, they are saints, not to love is not a sin and everything is built on this, but we have evidence




Failure to perform church duties to a church member, I was baptized in 1978, son and daughter in 1999


All these years, from the seventh year, I tried to save my love and pass it on to my children, And since 2014, I went to services every day, performed prayer rules, because I lived for 1 month in the monastery and they became part of my composition, I tried to do as in monasteries to keep their love, which helped in everything good,


This confrontation gave such a "porridge" to my children, with their attitude towards me, they did not know who to believe, the wives and mothers of the priests spiritually set the children against me so that I would not have a hearth, a family, because I entered their world without permission , I was very high, the higher the more power and love. I got a job in the church, as I was told by the priests of the Pskov region and the priests of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, they knew that I was His monastery, because I had been constantly praying to Jesus Christ since 2007. Through Jesus Christ, they entered the bright palace of my soul, I brought my spiritual authorities to the Lavra, and my palace turned into a Khrestian Temple, and they, in gratitude, could make a real family out of us, and we had a Soviet family. He hated me, but in the temple he loved me a little, but there was no love from heart to heart between us. We had a different level of love for Jesus Christ, and he also suffered spiritual losses in a previous marriage. The priests could restore my husband, make us a real family as an example, be with us in this Temple, save ourselves, but they began to destroy my Khrestian Temple, they have a passion and anger


I laid a cross, an earring, a gold chain, I didn’t want to interfere with anyones life, go to work in Canada, I made the first payment as it is written on the site, 3 months have passed, there are no documents, I write again I am offered to pay for the courier delivery I take in debt, I cry again, I wait, but I dont get anything


Sveta does not want to let me go, she wants me not to be


We must be warned, you are embarking on a path, whether it will be long or short, you have come from yourself to YOURSELF, you must go to HIM, in what way? The Church will provide YOU with a worthy outcome


February 14, 2021, on the feast of the baptism of the Lord, I held the second Action


Because I disturb a lot of people


Also in the morning, Julia and I had a fight, only such love between us, or indifference, through it they tell me you are not a mother. Then I went to serve in the Lavra


During the sermon., I said loudly That: "You do not have the spirit of truth", "You give my life for yours", Love yourself more.


The guard came and took me out of the temple.


As we walked towards the exit, he said that "everything is just beginning."Before leaving, she crossed herself. the guard didn't like it, he began to roughly push me out.


I did my first one in December. During the sermon, I said that,


you ruined my family, I will sue you


Julia began not to be ashamed of her nudity, I can’t do anything about it, the only thing to say dryly is that its not decent. After that


On July 7, on the day of John the Baptist, I said: -


I must say that they must repent,


the people silently continued to stand, look and be baptized, but I took communion and silently continued to be baptized with everyone, after the service I went up to my friend Lyudmila, asked, “can you help me,” she answered no money.


2014-2015 There was such an Ira. She ran around Alexander Nevsky Square, sometimes she froze, praying with her hands clasped at her neck, we thought she was a little out of her mind. I thought EVERYTHING now it was my turn instead. but I am in MYSELF and all mine is his and hers is ours.


No one pays attention to my actions, they would come up and say “what do you need?” On July 12, she collected all the documents and took my story to the Patriarchate It could happen to anyone and evidence. for the Hegumen of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Archimandrite Stefan


But the office did not even register


The state of the revolution, the feeling of injustice, disappears very quickly to me, saying this is not your life and I am not at all my own mother to Yulia,


my child is not a doll of God, but a doll of a wolf in sheep's clothing,


Around the silence of the lambs


my love where are you, there is no place for it in me, I am a stone. THIS IS SIMPLY STRONG FEELINGS they were very hard on me. I am a STONE


My heart told me there is no place in you


And she loved it...


Attitudes in my family are not improving, Yulia returned late yesterday, "On Chernyshevskaya" was walking after work, her voice was tired, a feeling of hopelessness. She came to the Temple, approached the Mother of God, and began to ask for Julia, to keep her, down to her perfect heart, to send good people.


Then I SAID in a loud voice, - "Why are you Parishioners of the Holy Temple of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra oppressing me, I am the Mother of two children, Why should I do more harm to myself," the guards came up and


took me out of the temple.


A year ago, I fell ill with a severe temperature, I was an "alien" with only my eyes, I did not measure the temperature. I’m lying, three heartbeats, Im still alive, Im collecting things, Im going to the American Consulate, they havent been there for half a year only in the Far East, Im going along Furshtatskaya to the German Consulate, I say if they accept religious refugees, they said to send information by e-mail I sent that I am still a child, a child of war, she said we do not accept.


So that Yuri Mikhailovich (the Kingdom of Heaven) could not enter me, I began to drink only juices, after 8 days I had a swollen lymph node on the right side.


I come to PetroKomplektService, I feel much better, it was also hard to leave, I stopped it.


Today, September 17, suffocation is difficult for health reasons, there are not comfortable feelings on the left side, Yulia also felt suffocation, stood inhaling loudly, exhaling,


There is no movement from the heart despite all my goodness, She does not listen to me spiritually filled with a stranger. But there is a part of me in her, she is in me and in her And now it’s empty where the spirit of my daughter should be in front, I feel that she is only in PND, PND security guards twisted her and impose their behavioral clichés on her, HER is almost gone,


I was standing at the Icon of the Sign, I said that "You spat in my soul" because they entered my soul through Jesus Christ and left their evil there so that I would not have a family, but the service continued, maybe someone heard, I still I took communion so that my children would feel better, I’m gone, my composition is not permanent. Then I went out, there was a shield on the wall for a week, the Gospel and the Message, I began to read, my mother immediately came up, her spirit followed me, I left, they dont want me to read exactly this in this place, because you are being restored after the temple. I went to the priest who was confessing, he was sitting on an armchair, a girl was kneeling in front of him, I came up and said the same words "You spat in my soul", the suffocation went away, because I probably overcame my fear.


But Christ is not to blame!


Evidence available upon request


October 29, 2021. A man in vestments approached and began to see him out of the temple, saying, “You don’t need to come out, youre grimacing here,” in order not to disturb the order, we went to the exit, went out into the porch, Im saying Im not bothering anyone here, he says you cant, I left temple, crossed herself, the question arose that he had to introduce "" grimace ", I again entered the temple, everyone was on their knees, I also knelt down, crossed myself, went to the cross, a man was coming to meet me, began to see me off again, 'I I dont interfere with anyone, that you have to introduce, grimace, "they dispersed, the service was going on .... and


on the eve of December 6, I talked with Yulia, she rarely starts talking to me at all, I go up and ask how things are going, she gets some kind of disgust, she just can’t listen to me, she starts to kick me out of the room. Her composition is the mother of the former spouse, the sister of the former spouse, the wife of the younger brother, and everyone does not like me, although I have not seen them for 3 years, there is very little of me in her. And this is the child-kinship of the mothers of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, so that I would not have a hearth, a family. On the morning of December 6, the feast of Alexander Nevsky. After the Service, I held an Action.


After the sermon, Loudly said "Priests of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, my children, non-believers among you,"


What is Orthodoxy? - This is when the priest has his own personal business, and not the business of Jesus Christ, "And what is Orthodoxy without Christianity, this is a big question." This time the guards did not come up to me, I stood silently looking at Yagumen Stefan, he is at me. He held a large cross, the parishioners took turns approaching him. I went up to the Mother of God and began to pray for my daughter, a parishioner immediately came up, I asked, "What do you think about this," she began to smile silently, she put a candle and left. The blessing of water ended, I also asked, “Father, what do you think about this?” There was no answer. Who attacks, who defends,


And the Mother of God, looks at the Church of Jesus Christ, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself"


I’m not close to you ?, “we dont know you” And who is your neighbor? You are grouped according to fathers, I was the bride of Jesus Christ, He is stronger than everyone, and the priesthood simply did not love me,


I'm not a man's wife..


Now I prevent many from living, First of all, my own, but they are no longer mine. I would like to warn that this is not the abode of Jesus Christ, the Rules there are not His, because they are not high as He is. And through the temple, not good enters our hearts, Once upon a time, Once upon a time, We receive those who are looking for their own





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